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Improve Your Every Day Life with Brain Enhancements

Improve Your Every Day Life with Brain Enhancements

Proper cognitive function is essential to perform everyday tasks. From tying our shoes to brushing our teeth, our brain is responsible for communicating with our bodies. So do yourself a favor if you’re experiencing cognitive decline and allow Brain Fitness Centers of Florida to aid you with brain enhancements.

Are You Experiencing Cognitive Decline?

Cognitive function is a fancy way of saying “how your brain works,” and it might be challenging to notice a problem at first. For example, most people brush it off as just having “one of those days.” Memory loss is a common way someone would notice their cognitive function declining. One could experience memory loss from,

  • Aging
  • Suffering a stroke
  • Chemotherapy
  • Injury

Every Treatment Plan Is Unique At Brain Fitness

Every patient seeking help from Brain Fitness Centers of Florida will receive a personalized care plan. They will asses specifically which cognitive functions require enhancements and then tailor a program to exercise your brain in just the right places.

Benefit Physically And Emotionally From Brain Enhancements

After brain enhancements are made, you could feel like a brand new person. Your memory, awareness, clarity, and attention may feel sharper than ever. These are exceptional benefits, and it doesn’t stop there. While your mind feels sharper, among other things, treatment will also boost your confidence. There’s no more anxiety around trying to just live your healthy life. Everyday tasks become more comfortable, and this benefits you emotionally as well as physically.

Natural Ways To Make Brain Enhancements

Brain Fitness Centers of Florida offers amazing cognitive rehabilitation programs. However, there are natural ways you can improve cognitive function at home. For example, diet and exercise are a great way to take care of your brain. Exercise allows for more blood flow to the brain, including the part that controls memory. Some other natural remedies are,

  • Visit Museums
  • Read challenging books
  • Solve complex puzzles
  • Have a good diet

Contact Brain Fitness Center of Florida Today!

If you or a loved one is experiencing cognitive decline, seek help from Dr. Scranton and his team of trained professionals. Contact them online or call at 727-608-7378 for any more questions or information.

Medical Billing And Coding Agency

Medical Billing And Coding Agency

Accelerated medical is a medical billing and coding agency here for more than just the basics. They are committed to helping your practice and providing the best and most accurate service possible.

What Is Medical Coding?

In simple terms, medical coding is the process of converting diagnoses, procedures, equipment, and services into universal medical numeric codes. The agency takes codes from medical documentation such as physician’s notes and then uses them in the process of billing. Furthermore, medical billers then ensure the codes original application is accurate. Then they’re used to make a claim for your insurance. Medical coding is actually how your physician earns money.

What’s The Difference Between Medical Billing And Medical Coding?

Medical billing and coding go hand in hand. Codes help agencies like accelerated medical bills efficiently and accurately. Medical billing is a process between three parties: the patient, the healthcare provider, and the insurance company. The medical biller’s job is to figure out a payment plan between these three people by compiling the patients’ information into one bill. This bill is also known as a claim, and this is where coding comes into play. Medical billers take codes and use them to create claims.

What Your Medical Coding And Billing Agency Will Include In Your Claim

The information in your claim will be personalized to your unique health care treatment. For example, your biller will include information such as,

  • Information on you and your visit
  • Cost of procedures
  • Procedures performed

When your biller adds this information, it gives more of an explanation for your visit. They know who you are, why you came there, and what you needed. When your biller adds this information, they also ensure everything else is accurate on your claim.

What Happens When You Don’t Pay Medical Bills

Among the many jobs of a medical biller are collections. When a patient hasn’t paid their medical bills, it’s their job to collect money. Medical bills can get expensive if your insurance doesn’t cover expenses. This is just the unfortunate reality of our health care system. Your health care provider and the insurance company do give you time, however, to pay off your debt. You just don’t want to sit in it too long.

Contact Accelerated Medical Billing And Coding Agency Today

Contact Accelerated medical online or give them a call at 727-781-8460 for any more information or questions you may have. We provide full service contract maintenance as well.

How do Natural Anti-Inflammatory Supplements Work?

How do Natural Anti-Inflammatory Supplements Work?

To understand how natural anti-inflammatory supplements work, you first must know how things become inflamed. The first way you can suffer from swelling and redness is due to a minor allergic reaction. If you were to eat certain foods, your body might react negatively due to foreign bacteria or due to a genetic trait. Injury and condition like arthritis can also easily cause parts of the body to heal slowly. In cases where it does heal through inflammation, scar tissue can form and restrict movement. Natural anti-inflammatory compounds target these areas and reduce swelling.

Anti-Inflammatory Amino Acids

Prostaglandins, which are a group of lipids in the human body, are responsible for much of the symptoms of inflammation. Naturally compounds work in similar ways to synthetic compounds like NSAIDs. They reduce the production of these lipids and allow the body to heal better. In naturally occurring compounds like Cervidae Velvet, not much is known about how exactly it works. However, researchers have been able to isolate specific peptides (chains of amino acids) that may be responsible. In 2006, researchers isolated VH, LAN, AL, and IA. In their experiments, they measured the effectiveness of these compounds on the signaling of commands that reduce the inflammatory response. Regardless of how they exactly work, researchers note that it is effective and safe.

Side-Effects of Inflammation

While you may believe inflammatory issues are merely something to get over, they can result in a host of secondary symptoms besides pain and swelling. For one, researchers have found that constant stress can result in severe issues like deteriorating heart health. Stress wears down blood vessels and causes the body to produce more stress hormones. Individuals can suffer from trouble thinking, restlessness, and irritability due to stress from persisting inflammation. Anti-inflammatory compounds make it easier for individuals throughout the United States to improve their mood and overall health. Inflammation can also:

  • Weaken your immune system
  • Cause aches and pains throughout the body
  • Weaken joints
  • Contributed to headaches and migraines

Take Care of Body with Clearwater Nutrition Lab

With how damaging inflammation can be, solutions to the problem can be vital to allow you to live your life to the fullest. The pain can restrict your actions and keep you from fulfilling familial or career obligations. Anti-inflammatory compounds like Cervidae Velvet from Clearwater Nutrition Lab can keep your body functioning in top shape! If you are seeking a natural solution to improving your health, then you can go online to place an order. You can also do so by calling (813) 766-2289 today.

How do Natural Growth Factors Benefit Health & Well-being?

How do Natural Growth Factors Benefit Health & Well-being?

Scientific research and evidence demonstrate that natural growth factors have positive benefits for health and well-being. Clearwater residents dealing with health issues may see improvements merely by correcting a lack of certain nutrients. When it comes to mental well-being, your diet and intake of certain things like carbohydrates directly affect mood and stability; many studies and scientific articles point to reactions in the brain and the production of hormones relating to food. While not often on the list of symptoms, scientists have found that a lack of vitamins like K2 can impact mental health. A diet lacking in the vitamin has been linked to lower cognitive function. Individuals typically suffer from a lack of energy in addition to difficulties focusing. You can better prevent deficiencies by relying on whole food supplements from Clearwater Nutrition Lab.

What Makes Natural Whole Food Supplements Better?

Supplement users will benefit more from natural growth factors instead of relying on artificial products. Scientists are not entirely sure why this is, but research points to the creation process. Naturally-extracted items will be more digestible and make a stronger impact throughout the body. For certain individuals, artificially-produced products can lead to adverse effects. A user of synthetic items may experience symptoms like:

  • Upset stomachs
  • Nausea
  • Skin flushing
  • Inflammation

While some synthetic products may have benefits, natural products are often more effective. For vitamins like K2, extracts from soybeans have been shown to be much more effective than artificial substances. There is also the issue of fillers and missing out on other minor dietary compounds.

Who Should Take Whole Food Supplements?

Depending on your specific needs, you will benefit more from certain supplements. However, natural growth factors can improve the health and well-being of young and elderly individuals. A diet lacking in certain foods and particular health conditions can benefit from the right whole food supplements. At Clearwater Nutrition Lab, clients can discover if they are missing specific compounds or hormones. You can choose from blood testing and a comprehensive wellness panel to better identify issues and measure improvements.

Contact Clearwater Nutrition Lab for Your Natural Growth Factors Today

At Clearwater Nutrition Lab, buyers can choose from various natural growth factors to improve their health. Ingredients like Cervidae Velvet Extract can help promote blood circulation and immune response. Other products like The Stem Cell Activator can also enhance immune health while also increasing stem cell production. You can contact us online or call (813) 766-2289 to place an order.

Pinched Nerve Treatment: Why You Need It

Pinched Nerve Treatment: Why You Need It

Too many St. Petersburg residents go through life everyday suffering from back pain caused by aggravated nerves. There are many ways to address the discomfort, but pinched nerve treatment is one of the most comprehensive and safe ways to do so. By visiting with a chiropractor who specializes in this form of care, you can say goodbye to everyday aches and hello to a life free of suffering.

Sciatica: What is it?

Sciatica is the medical term for pinched nerves and the discomfort that is associated with the condition. It stems from lower back issues such as:

As you can see, chiropractic care can influence the transfer of pain to the lower body. When misaligned, your nervous system cannot properly send messages through the cord. This causes soreness, disruption in communication, and ultimately, a system that is “out of whack.” Whether you suffer from constant, shooting pain down your legs or you have a numbness in your buttock or toes, you should consider pinched nerve treatment in St. Petersburg to resolve your sciatica.

Different Types of Pinched Nerve Treatment

There are a number of ways that those suffering from pain can get pinched nerve treatment in St. Petersburg. A chiropractor, someone who works closely with the spine, is your safest bet, as they will assist you with noninvasive and drug-free methods to ease your aches and strains before sending you to a specialist for surgery if it is necessary for you to heal. The following types of chiropractic care can ease stiffness or soreness:

Spinal Decompression — When the spine is compressed, an overabundance of force is placed on the discs, and therefore, nerves, which is what causes the severe pain you may feel in your back or legs. With spinal decompression therapy, the pressure is released and the aching subsides.

Spinal Adjustments —By gently adjusting and realigning the spine and cord, a chiropractor can help your body revert back to its optimal stance. When aligned, your lumbar discs are free of being overexerted and pressed together, which relieves pressure from sciatica.

Massage and Physical Therapy — With the help of relaxing massage and physical therapy to loosen up your muscles and joints, the spine has room to release pressure, taking the strain off the affected area.

Visit the Professionals at Bond Thomas Chiropractic

At Bond Thomas Chiropractic, our team of trained and licensed chiropractors, massage therapists, and nutritional counselors are prepared to help you live a healthier life in St. Petersburg. Whether you have sciatica and need pinched nerve treatment or you want to lose a few pounds with lifestyle changes, we are here to assist. To learn more about pain management and how we can make you feel better starting today, give us a call at 727-522-1900.

5 Questions to Ask a Chiropractor

5 Questions to Ask a Chiropractor

Is your back bothering you? Does your neck feel stiff? Or perhaps, your hips are tight. Whatever the case, you need help from a chiropractor. Whether you’ve had adjustments before or you’re new to chiropractic care, ask these questions to ensure that the practitioner you see in Largo offers what you need.

What Experience Do they Have Treating My Condition?

Before you set an appointment, ask about the doctor’s experience with conditions like yours. If you’re unsure of what’s wrong, describe the symptoms as best you can. At Coastal Chiropractic, they treat individuals in Largo for a variety of reasons like:

  • Stiff neck
  • Migraines
  • Sore lower back
  • Knee injuries
  • Hip problems

Each condition is unique to the individual, so they will create a plan to match your needs. Be sure to inquire about how Dr. Marc Rogers will approach your treatment before visiting.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

No matter your circumstances, a chiropractor should be able to project the length of your recovery process. If they don’t, ask about it. If they don’t give you an idea or range, call someone else. It’s important to acknowledge that recuperation is fluid. In some cases, you might recover more quickly, and others might warrant additional appointments in Largo.

What Techniques Do they Use?

The goal of a chiropractor is to help you achieve pain relief. Dr. Rogers does this by using a variety of methods and tools. Most doctors will detail the techniques they plan to use, but if something is unclear or you want further information, don’t hesitate to inquire!

What If I Need Help, but I Don’t Have an Appointment?

When certain injuries occur, you need pain relief fast. However, what do you do in Largo if the chiropractor you’re trying to see is booked until next week? At Coastal Chiropractic, they know that life presents unexpected moments, so they offer services at their walk-in clinic. During certain times of the week, you can arrive at their facility with no warning, and they will see you the same day you come in.

How Can they Help Me Change My Lifestyle?

Some patients are inspired to make lifestyle changes after receiving chiropractic care because discomfort is no longer a chronic issue. Whether you want to manage your weight better or improve your athletic performance, ask about how you can achieve these aims.

Meet the Chiropractor, Dr. Marc Rogers!

The staff at Coastal Chiropractic is dedicated to assisting individuals in Largo who need pain relief. If you’ve been in a crash on Seminole Boulevard, visit their walk-in clinic. When your loved one slips unexpectedly, they can alleviate their discomfort. Whenever the aches or strains become too much, call their office at 727-581-2774. Coastal’s chiropractor is here to help, so let Dr. Rogers take a look at your spine!