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How do Natural Anti-Inflammatory Supplements Work?

How do Natural Anti-Inflammatory Supplements Work?

To understand how natural anti-inflammatory supplements work, you first must know how things become inflamed. The first way you can suffer from swelling and redness is due to a minor allergic reaction. If you were to eat certain foods, your body might react negatively due to foreign bacteria or due to a genetic trait. Injury and condition like arthritis can also easily cause parts of the body to heal slowly. In cases where it does heal through inflammation, scar tissue can form and restrict movement. Natural anti-inflammatory compounds target these areas and reduce swelling.

Anti-Inflammatory Amino Acids

Prostaglandins, which are a group of lipids in the human body, are responsible for much of the symptoms of inflammation. Naturally compounds work in similar ways to synthetic compounds like NSAIDs. They reduce the production of these lipids and allow the body to heal better. In naturally occurring compounds like Cervidae Velvet, not much is known about how exactly it works. However, researchers have been able to isolate specific peptides (chains of amino acids) that may be responsible. In 2006, researchers isolated VH, LAN, AL, and IA. In their experiments, they measured the effectiveness of these compounds on the signaling of commands that reduce the inflammatory response. Regardless of how they exactly work, researchers note that it is effective and safe.

Side-Effects of Inflammation

While you may believe inflammatory issues are merely something to get over, they can result in a host of secondary symptoms besides pain and swelling. For one, researchers have found that constant stress can result in severe issues like deteriorating heart health. Stress wears down blood vessels and causes the body to produce more stress hormones. Individuals can suffer from trouble thinking, restlessness, and irritability due to stress from persisting inflammation. Anti-inflammatory compounds make it easier for individuals throughout the United States to improve their mood and overall health. Inflammation can also:

  • Weaken your immune system
  • Cause aches and pains throughout the body
  • Weaken joints
  • Contributed to headaches and migraines

Take Care of Body with Clearwater Nutrition Lab

With how damaging inflammation can be, solutions to the problem can be vital to allow you to live your life to the fullest. The pain can restrict your actions and keep you from fulfilling familial or career obligations. Anti-inflammatory compounds like Cervidae Velvet from Clearwater Nutrition Lab can keep your body functioning in top shape! If you are seeking a natural solution to improving your health, then you can go online to place an order. You can also do so by calling (813) 766-2289 today.

Are Anti Inflammatory Supplements Effective?

Are Anti Inflammatory Supplements Effective?

In recent decades, there has been more of a focus on naturally occurring compounds as bases for prescription medications. Certain natural compounds have been found to have a wide range of effects, including anti inflammatory properties. Inflammation can be the result of dozens of factors, but the most common include injury, overexcretion, or a lack of specific compounds or hormones. By taking supplements like Cervidae Velvet extract, users can experience a reduction in stress.

However, this is more than merely feeling relaxed. Stress from injuries or overexcretion can impact your cells ability to fight infection and heal. When the body is undergoing particularly stressful situations, it produces an abundance of the hormone cortisol. While this is not a significant issue in small amounts, it can be damaging in the long term. Too much cortisol can impact heart health and lead to symptoms like trouble sleeping and fatigue. Natural anti inflammatory supplements are highly effective in reducing stress hormone productions and improving overall health.

Advantages of Natural Anti Inflammatory Options

Unlike other synthetic options, naturally occurring compounds are typically more effective and less harmful to the body. That is because cells seem to be able to make use of naturally occurring compounds better. When it comes to prescription medications, much of it often is not even absorbed or used. Most of a synthetic compound passes through the liver and immediately into your urine. One potential reason for this is that the body needs more than a single thing to utilize nutrients properly. If you remove all the other naturally occurring elements in a food, then you are missing out on potentially necessary ingredients. This makes ingesting the pure synthesized version of a nutrient less effective and harder to absorb.

Additional Benefits of Natural Whole Food Supplements

Besides being more effective and easier to absorb, anti inflammatory compounds like Cervidae Velvet are also typically safer. Researchers are often unaware of how different people will react to synthetic compounds. This can lead to them having the opposite effect and causing inflammation or an allergic reaction. By relying on whole food supplements from the right source, you can reduce pain and inflammation without synthetic products.

Benefit from More Whole Food Supplements Today

If you are looking to take advantage of naturally occurring anti inflammatory compounds, then Clearwater Nutrition Lab has the options for you. There, you can choose between other supplements like Tribulus Terrestris to improve dozens of symptoms like insomnia and fatigue. You can go online or call (813) 766-2289 to learn more and place an order today.

Foods That Are High in Beta-Glucan and Its Benefits

Foods That Are High in Beta-Glucan and Its Benefits

Beta glucans are a glucose-polymer type of fiber that is found in certain foods. There is no doubt that the beta-glucan benefits are the reason why so many people are seeking out this source of nutrition.


One of the best sources of beta-glucan benefits is by consuming grains, since it is primarily a type of fiber. Soluble dietary fiber improves cholesterol levels and heart health, which is why people in Clearwater and other cities are adding these foods to their diet. Eat grains like oats, wheat, bran, barley, and whole grains to get the most nutrients.


While it cannot be found in all types of mushrooms, certain kinds are naturally-rich sources of beta-glucans. Shiitake, reishi, maitake, and chaga mushrooms are a few of the best source of this nutrient.

Beta-Glucan Benefits

Studies suggest that this fiber can have key positive effects on the body. The beta-glucan benefits that people seek out include:

  • Lowering cholesterol. Beta-glucans from oat-based sources can reduce levels of total LDL (bad cholesterol) in the body.
  • Treating cancer. While this is still in the preliminary stages, studies suggest the fiber may activate cancer-fighting cells (like T-cells) as well as prevent the cancer cells from spreading.
  • Decreasing risk of diabetes. Dietary sources of this fiber can help keep blood sugar levels in check, lower cholesterol, and balance blood pressure, all of which contribute to diabetes.
  • Boosting immunity. Research indicates that supplementing may help boost the immune system and fight off colds, flu, viruses, and other infections.

Beta-Glucan Supplements

While there are some foods that you eat to consume beta-glucans, there are only a few options. That is why those who wish to receive beta-glucan benefits often choose to take supplements. By supplementing, you can get the health boost you want in an easy, simple-to-use format. With supplements, it’s simple to figure out how much you need to take to get the necessary dose. In this case, the supplement form actually has extensive uses beyond the food source, including helping with conditions like allergies, asthma, Chron’s disease, chronic fatigue, arthritis, and more. If you want a top-quality supplement with premium ingredients, trust Clearwater Nutrition Lab.

Clearwater Nutrition Lab’s Immune Support with Beta Glucan supplement offers users boosted immunity and other health benefits. Call Clearwater Nutrition Lab today at (813) 766-2289 or contact them online to place an order.

How do Natural Growth Factors Benefit Health & Well-being?

How do Natural Growth Factors Benefit Health & Well-being?

Scientific research and evidence demonstrate that natural growth factors have positive benefits for health and well-being. Clearwater residents dealing with health issues may see improvements merely by correcting a lack of certain nutrients. When it comes to mental well-being, your diet and intake of certain things like carbohydrates directly affect mood and stability; many studies and scientific articles point to reactions in the brain and the production of hormones relating to food. While not often on the list of symptoms, scientists have found that a lack of vitamins like K2 can impact mental health. A diet lacking in the vitamin has been linked to lower cognitive function. Individuals typically suffer from a lack of energy in addition to difficulties focusing. You can better prevent deficiencies by relying on whole food supplements from Clearwater Nutrition Lab.

What Makes Natural Whole Food Supplements Better?

Supplement users will benefit more from natural growth factors instead of relying on artificial products. Scientists are not entirely sure why this is, but research points to the creation process. Naturally-extracted items will be more digestible and make a stronger impact throughout the body. For certain individuals, artificially-produced products can lead to adverse effects. A user of synthetic items may experience symptoms like:

  • Upset stomachs
  • Nausea
  • Skin flushing
  • Inflammation

While some synthetic products may have benefits, natural products are often more effective. For vitamins like K2, extracts from soybeans have been shown to be much more effective than artificial substances. There is also the issue of fillers and missing out on other minor dietary compounds.

Who Should Take Whole Food Supplements?

Depending on your specific needs, you will benefit more from certain supplements. However, natural growth factors can improve the health and well-being of young and elderly individuals. A diet lacking in certain foods and particular health conditions can benefit from the right whole food supplements. At Clearwater Nutrition Lab, clients can discover if they are missing specific compounds or hormones. You can choose from blood testing and a comprehensive wellness panel to better identify issues and measure improvements.

Contact Clearwater Nutrition Lab for Your Natural Growth Factors Today

At Clearwater Nutrition Lab, buyers can choose from various natural growth factors to improve their health. Ingredients like Cervidae Velvet Extract can help promote blood circulation and immune response. Other products like The Stem Cell Activator can also enhance immune health while also increasing stem cell production. You can contact us online or call (813) 766-2289 to place an order.

Top 3 Beta-Glucan Benefits

Top 3 Beta-Glucan Benefits

Certain foods were known to be particularly helpful even before researchers could gain insight into how beta-glucan benefits the body. Mushrooms and cereals have a history of medicinal uses that many researchers attribute partly to them containing the carbohydrate. At Clearwater Nutrition Lab, buyers can feel safe purchasing products lacking in synthetic ingredients and fillers. Besides eating oats every day, dieters or those with low fiber intake can take whole food supplements.

It is best to look out for legitimate and trustworthy sellers instead of choosing the cheapest option. As a polysaccharide, it is in the same family as cellulose in other glucans. However, polysaccharides are not all the same. Fakes or alternatives can significantly vary in solubility and effects. Missing shipments and contaminants are also common in cheaper overseas sellers. With real natural glucan, users can benefit from:

  • Reduction in Chronic Fatigue Symptoms
  • Anti-Aging Properties
  • Blood Sugar Regulation

1. Reduce Chronic Fatigue

While fatigue can be the result of many factors, it is mainly related to your digestion and a lack of certain foods. By ingesting certain supplements, you may correct your body’s lack of specific nutrients. While exercise may lower the effects of chronic fatigue, it is difficult to do so without energy. A lack of appetite and sleepiness are common symptoms. Beta-glucan benefits include boosting the immune system, which can reduce chronic fatigue. The condition can also result in numerous cognitive effects. Individuals may have trouble thinking or functioning throughout the day. Your work or relationships may suffer due to other symptoms like forgetfulness and irritability. By investing in the right supplements from Clearwater Nutrition Lab, you can help correct underlying issues that may be causing persistent tiredness.

2. Anti-Aging

One of the more surprising beta-glucan benefits is its antioxidative properties. When it comes to aging, scientists understand that oxidative stress, among other factors, directly affects health. Conditions like cancer may be more common in those who do not ingest antioxidant-containing foods.

3. Regulate Blood Sugar and Other Bodily Processes

Clearwater residents suffering from high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar levels can also benefit from natural supplements. High or low blood sugar levels can result in nausea, stomach aches, and fainting. Natural alternatives for regulation can reduce the need for injections. Beta-glucan benefits also include reducing high cholesterol and blood lipid levels.

Take Advantage of Beta-Glucan Benefits and More at Clearwater Nutrition Lab

At Clearwater Nutrition Lab, customers can choose from a variety of supplements to improve their health and well-being. Tribulus and Cervidae Velvet can help with promote immune system health and reduce muscle pains to sore joints. You can go online or call (813) 766-2289 to learn more or place an order today.

The Top Benefits of Deer Antler Velvet

The Top Benefits of Deer Antler Velvet

There are many health benefits of deer antler velvet for individuals living in Clearwater. No matter your age, gender, or lifestyle, Cervidae extract can positively impact both your physical and mental well-being.

Benefits of Deer Antler Velvet for Clearwater Athletes

A wide variety of athletes rely on the benefits of deer antler velvet for many reasons. These include:

  • Improved endurance
  • Increased muscular strength
  • Decreased recovery time

In Clearwater, this additive makes for an effective aid in athletic training. For many years, athletes have claimed an increase in nerve and muscle strength from this dietary supplement.

It Can Improve the Health of Your Bones and Joints

This extract has been used for years for the of treating bone fractures. In the same way, it can strengthen bones. It provides collagen to the body, which supports joints. This can also reduce joint pain and inflammation. Individuals in Clearwater who take Cervidae extract can even experience osteoporosis reversal. Osteoporosis is a weakening of the joints caused by a loss of bone tissue as well as low bone mass, increasing the risk of fractures. With the addition of this supplement, the repairing of bone matter happens fast enough to restore cartilage and improve joint function.

Cervidae Extract Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

The many benefits of deer antler velvet also include positive effects on cells. Use of this supplement shows an increase in vessel dilation, which reduces blood pressure. It also raises the amount of oxygen that blood can carry.

In addition, this extract boosts the intake of iron in red blood cells. This is a helpful feature for those suffering from anemia. Cervidae extract is shown to improve cardiovascular health as a whole.

It Has Anti-Aging Qualities

This natural diet additive improves enzyme function in the liver and kidneys. At the same time, it hinders the activity of enzymes that are typically related to aging. Mental capacity is also improved thanks to the benefits of deer antler velvet for better cardiovascular function. Since blood flow experiences stimulation and increases, the flow of cells to the brain becomes healthier. These qualities, together with increased cartilage, highlight the anti-aging advantages of this extract.

Contact Clearwater Nutrition Lab to Feel the Benefits of Deer Antler Velvet

At Clearwater Nutrition Lab, we are dedicated to creating nutritional supplements based on whole food ingredients. We strive to provide health care professionals with nutritional products of the highest quality to help their patients live healthier, high-quality lives. For more information on our products, contact us online or call us at (813) 766-2289.

What Natural Sleep Supplements Can Do For You

What Natural Sleep Supplements Can Do For You

Poor slumber is something that many people in Clearwater struggle with. Natural sleep supplements can provide you with a good night’s rest, improving your life in other areas too.

Natural Sleep Supplements Can Improve Productivity

Getting enough rest raises cognitive function as well as improves concentration. Not enough slumber can also result in trouble thinking clearly. With natural sleep supplements from Clearwater Nutrition Lab, you will wake up feeling much more put together. Memory is also affected by tiredness, causing false memories to form and even accurate memories to be lost. By getting your full eight hours, you are improving brain function, allowing you to focus, remember, and think in a much better way than a tired person would be able to.

Supplements Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

The development of many diseases show links to exhaustion and improper rest. While proper slumber will not provide total immune protection, it can lower your risk of heart disease as well as heart attacks.

During the night, the body experiences changes in blood pressure in addition to heart and breathing rates. This process is essential to cardiovascular health. Exhaustion can prevent the body from taking these steps, increasing the risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Sleep Supplements Provide Weight Loss Control

Many people in Clearwater suffer from weight problems. An easy but effective way to fight weight gain is by getting proper rest with the help of natural sleep supplements. Tiredness can cause certain hormones to be released. These hormones also increase appetite, causing people to eat more. Also, a lack of motivation to exercise often stems from a lack of proper slumber. This combination leads to rapid weight gain.

Insufficient rest can lead to the appearance of pre-diabetic symptoms. In addition, it negatively affects blood sugar. This leads to a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Decrease your Stress Levels

Natural sleep supplements can also affect stress hormones. This is part of the relationship between exhaustion and poor cardiovascular health. Proper rest can lower stress, thus reducing blood pressure. Also, a full night of slumber gives you the ability to handle stress and anxiety better, which can result in a lower risk of headaches.

Sleep Can Boost Your Athletic Performance

The right amount of slumber has a positive effect on athletic performance. Getting a solid eight hours in at night can improve hand-eye coordination, speed, and endurance. In addition, getting enough rest leads to faster muscle recovery. For professional athletes and amateurs alike in Clearwater, catching enough Zs can be just the thing your body needs to take your skills to the next level.

Clearwater Nutrition Lab’s Healthy Sleep Supplements

Clearwater Nutrition Lab offers natural sleep supplements made of high-quality ingredients like organic herbs and vitamins. Also, we offer other beneficial products that function as anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and immune support aids. Our goal is to provide natural dietary products to healthcare professionals in order to help their patients lead high-quality, healthy lives. To find out what high-quality nutritional aids we can offer you, contact us online or call us at (813) 766-2289.

Deer Antler Velvet for Athletes

Deer Antler Velvet for Athletes

Deer antler velvet is now being used by athletes around the world to improve their exercise and recovery experience.  This unique substance is the tissue that covers growing antlers on all Cervidae, which include species such as deer, elk, and moose.  The velvet has been used for centuries in traditional far-eastern medicine. Today western health practitioners are including this as a whole food nutritional supplement to help their patients in a wide variety of ways. Athletes are also looking to this supplement to improve performance and recovery from exercise and injury. Cervidae velvet gained national attention with athletes after Ray Lewis’s (Baltimore Ravens) alleged use and then rapid recovery from an injury prior to his Super Bowl win.

Deer Antler Velvet and Its Effect on Athletic Performance

So does this stuff actually live up to the hype?  What effect does it have on the body?  Research suggests that it has a positive effect on athletic performance in the following ways:

  • increased blood flow
  • increased energy
  • increased endurance
  • improved flexibility
  • quicker muscle recovery
  • anti-aging effects
  • improvement in general health

How Does It Work?

Deer antler velvet’s main active component is a growth hormone called “insulin-like growth factor 1”, or IGF-1.  IGF-1 directly affects how the body heals and repairs itself.  Initially, the hormone assists in building up a matrix (crucial building block of protein) that’s needed for cell growth.  Then the substance increases the number of new cells that accumulate on the base which, in turn, get busy healing the injury.  Thus, you see overall improvement from the ground up due to the cells more efficient operation at its core levels of functioning.  Simply put, because the cell operates better, the body operates better.


In a random, placebo controlled test in 2004, researchers at the University of Alberta placed 18 males from the Edmonton Police Force into a 9 week strength training program. The researchers found that use of deer antler velvet significantly increased blood plasma testosterone levels. Overall, the results showed that regular use increased the strength and endurance of the subjects relative to the control group.

Bottom Line

In Russia and China, deer antler velvet is widely used by athletes to enhance overall performance. Here in the west, more and more athletes are looking to this supplement as a promoter of recovery and possibly as an injury preventative. IGF-1 (the main active compound found in antler velvet) could also improve athletic performance by assisting strength and endurance, by supporting the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, by facilitating minor tissue damage repair, and by boosting the immune system.

Deer Antler Velvet | Natural Sleep Aids

Deer Antler Velvet | Natural Sleep Aids

“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” Deer antler velvet may be the best of all natural sleep aids.

Sleep Better With Deer Antler Velvet

Who does not like sleep? It is one of the greatest feelings we could ever experience and it plays such a vital role in our daily health. A great stress reliever and mood changer, quality rest protects our mental, emotional and physical being. It is just as important as eating healthy or exercising, as it rejuvenates and keeps the bodies entire system strong. Though, it is not uncommon that some people have a hard time sleeping, developing conditions such as insomnia. With this being the outcome for some, how can they overcome this condition and enjoy a good night’s rest? This sends many people looking for the best natural sleep aids.

Deer Antler Velvet, a substance known for its healing properties and influence on building up the human body in numerous areas has a cure for sleepless nights. Studies reveal those who have taken the velvet rest easier and for longer periods of time, feeling more refreshed in the morning. Natural vitamins within the velvet helps adjust rest patterns, mood and have many characteristics in which it strengthens the body in many ways. Due to this, certain supplements such as Sleep Support have combined with the extract of deer antler velvet to aid specifically in sleep.

With supplements using deer antler velvet to aid in sleeping this makes it clear that its natural properties are a very effective natural sleep aid. Sleepless nights plagued by insomnia can all be solved with Cervidae antler velvet. I myself have no problem with getting a good night’s rest, but would definitely subscribe and encourage all my friends with sleeping problems this product. Nothing would bring the body more joy and happiness at night than to lay back relax and enjoy a well-deserved eight plus hours of good rest.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris

A plant used around the world shown to improve sexual function in humans. Tribulus terrestris can be used alone or combined with other supplements such as deer antler velvet for a synergistic result.

I am a big subscriber to using whatever you can find to strengthen the body: Dieting, detoxing, eating healthy, daily pushups or sit-ups, laps in the pool, sprinting up hills, etc. Why? Because I believe that if you build up a particular area in the body then another area within the body will be positively affected as well. Lately, I have researched on what to take to build on my testosterone. Because I am a middle aged gentleman, it is normal for a man’s testosterone levels to decrease slightly every year. Testosterone levels affect everything in men from the reproductive system and sexuality to muscle mass and bone density. What if there was something out there that enhanced on my body’s testosterone to build muscle while positively affecting other areas such as sex drive?

How can Tribulus Terrestris Help?

Well, from studying the testosterone in the human body we have figured a way to enhance this hormone. Tribulus Terrestris also known as the Puncture vine is a plant used today for a number of health purposes. When broken down and used as an herbal nutritional supplement, studies show this plant as a testosterone booster that helps increase muscle mass or strength. Along with increased vigor, studies show this plant benefits to people with sexual problems. Specifically males, tribulus works very well in curing sexual dysfunctions and maximizing sexual performance. It contains various natural biomolecules that are used to stimulate enzymes that make testosterone production which promotes a healthier sex drive.

Shown to be effective in improving testosterone properties, research reveals tribulus terrestris is catered towards cardiovascular and urogenital health and is a strong supplement for its libido and testosterone boosting properties.

Upon much research on this plant and its properties I decided to contact my local drug store and purchase a supply of this tribulus terrestris. At my age, taking care of your body is important. A stronger body means a longer life; treat your body well and they’ll treat you well in return.