Medical Billing And Coding Agency

Medical Billing And Coding Agency

Accelerated medical is a medical billing and coding agency here for more than just the basics. They are committed to helping your practice and providing the best and most accurate service possible.

What Is Medical Coding?

In simple terms, medical coding is the process of converting diagnoses, procedures, equipment, and services into universal medical numeric codes. The agency takes codes from medical documentation such as physician’s notes and then uses them in the process of billing. Furthermore, medical billers then ensure the codes original application is accurate. Then they’re used to make a claim for your insurance. Medical coding is actually how your physician earns money.

What’s The Difference Between Medical Billing And Medical Coding?

Medical billing and coding go hand in hand. Codes help agencies like accelerated medical bills efficiently and accurately. Medical billing is a process between three parties: the patient, the healthcare provider, and the insurance company. The medical biller’s job is to figure out a payment plan between these three people by compiling the patients’ information into one bill. This bill is also known as a claim, and this is where coding comes into play. Medical billers take codes and use them to create claims.

What Your Medical Coding And Billing Agency Will Include In Your Claim

The information in your claim will be personalized to your unique health care treatment. For example, your biller will include information such as,

  • Information on you and your visit
  • Cost of procedures
  • Procedures performed

When your biller adds this information, it gives more of an explanation for your visit. They know who you are, why you came there, and what you needed. When your biller adds this information, they also ensure everything else is accurate on your claim.

What Happens When You Don’t Pay Medical Bills

Among the many jobs of a medical biller are collections. When a patient hasn’t paid their medical bills, it’s their job to collect money. Medical bills can get expensive if your insurance doesn’t cover expenses. This is just the unfortunate reality of our health care system. Your health care provider and the insurance company do give you time, however, to pay off your debt. You just don’t want to sit in it too long.

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