Pinched Nerve Treatment: Why You Need It

Pinched Nerve Treatment: Why You Need It

Too many St. Petersburg residents go through life everyday suffering from back pain caused by aggravated nerves. There are many ways to address the discomfort, but pinched nerve treatment is one of the most comprehensive and safe ways to do so. By visiting with a chiropractor who specializes in this form of care, you can say goodbye to everyday aches and hello to a life free of suffering.

Sciatica: What is it?

Sciatica is the medical term for pinched nerves and the discomfort that is associated with the condition. It stems from lower back issues such as:

As you can see, chiropractic care can influence the transfer of pain to the lower body. When misaligned, your nervous system cannot properly send messages through the cord. This causes soreness, disruption in communication, and ultimately, a system that is “out of whack.” Whether you suffer from constant, shooting pain down your legs or you have a numbness in your buttock or toes, you should consider pinched nerve treatment in St. Petersburg to resolve your sciatica.

Different Types of Pinched Nerve Treatment

There are a number of ways that those suffering from pain can get pinched nerve treatment in St. Petersburg. A chiropractor, someone who works closely with the spine, is your safest bet, as they will assist you with noninvasive and drug-free methods to ease your aches and strains before sending you to a specialist for surgery if it is necessary for you to heal. The following types of chiropractic care can ease stiffness or soreness:

Spinal Decompression — When the spine is compressed, an overabundance of force is placed on the discs, and therefore, nerves, which is what causes the severe pain you may feel in your back or legs. With spinal decompression therapy, the pressure is released and the aching subsides.

Spinal Adjustments —By gently adjusting and realigning the spine and cord, a chiropractor can help your body revert back to its optimal stance. When aligned, your lumbar discs are free of being overexerted and pressed together, which relieves pressure from sciatica.

Massage and Physical Therapy — With the help of relaxing massage and physical therapy to loosen up your muscles and joints, the spine has room to release pressure, taking the strain off the affected area.

Visit the Professionals at Bond Thomas Chiropractic

At Bond Thomas Chiropractic, our team of trained and licensed chiropractors, massage therapists, and nutritional counselors are prepared to help you live a healthier life in St. Petersburg. Whether you have sciatica and need pinched nerve treatment or you want to lose a few pounds with lifestyle changes, we are here to assist. To learn more about pain management and how we can make you feel better starting today, give us a call at 727-522-1900.

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