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Auto Accident? Receive Injury Treatment Today| Clearwater

Auto Accident? Receive Injury Treatment Today| Clearwater

Traditional medicine is not always the way to go and people are really starting to understand the benefits of the alternatives. Chiropractic care is extremely beneficial for auto accident treatment. Coastal Chiropractic’s staff is trained and experienced to relieve you of pain and support long-term healing.

What Is Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic treatment describes the process of spinal manipulation among other treatments. When you see a chiropractor in clearwater they’re committed to finding the root of the problem instead of just giving you medication to mask symptoms. People seek chiropractic care for many reasons including auto accident injury treatment.

Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Being in a car accident is scary and the healing process can be stressful. Luckily though Coastal Chiropractic can offer you a drug-free way to relieve pain. Some of the most common injuries that happen in a car accident that can be treated by a chiropractor are,

  • Whiplash
  • Back pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Spinal injuries
  • Muscle soreness

If you’re experiencing pain after a car accident its crucial to get auto accident treatment. Spinal injuries can cause chronic pain and negatively impact your health.

What Happens To Your Body During An Auto Accident?

When you get into a car accident the force of the accident knocks the musculoskeletal system out of alignment. Something similar happens when you experience whiplash. The force of your neck “whipping” forward or backwards can mess up your spine and have you in a lot of pain. Additionally most symptoms won’t show up right away, so its imperative to immediately seek treatment immediately after an accident.

Benefits Of Auto Accident Treatment

When you receive chiropractic treatment after a car accident your body will thank you. Your soft tissue pain is relieved and your mobility increases. When you’re sore from an accident you often times feel stiff. Coastal Chiropractic in Clearwater is here to get you moving quickly and regain your full range of motion. Not to mention seeing a chiropractor will support long-term healing. Re-injury is common because your body weakens from the damage. However, chiropractic care will strengthen your muscles decreasing the chance of another injury.

Contact Coastal Chiropractic Today

Improve your health and mobility after an auto accident today. Give Coastal Chiropractic in clearwater a call at 727-5812-774 or contact them online for any further questions.

Accident Injury Chiropractor

Accident Injury Chiropractor

Getting into an accident is often one of the hardest experiences someone can go through. While a victim may believe that they are fine, they cannot be sure without a proper medical examination. An accident injury chiropractor can ease the pains of your recovery. Also, with the right treatment, you can prevent future damage and catch problems early on. Injuries, particularly those of the spine, can be hard to discern without the right imaging technology and expertise.

Often, individuals may feel fine other than some slight tingling in the lower back or their extremities. However, this is a sign that the signals going through your spine may be experiencing disruptions. As time goes on without corrective treatment, the symptoms will not let up, and may even continue to worsen.

Visiting an experienced accident injury chiropractor can help you reduce the frequency and severity of your discomfort. In some cases, with treatment, the pain may even go away altogether. Conditions like muscle or tendon strains are often temporary and require proper healing and exercise to correct. Other injuries, such as spinal misalignments, can require corrective treatment. Depending on your situation, a couple of sessions can show improvements and quickly change your mental and physical wellbeing. If you were part of an accident that resulted in an injury, do not hesitate to contact an accident injury chiropractor.

How Effective is Treatment from An Accident Injury Chiropractor?

When medical professionals refer to modern or western medicine, they are merely referring to mainstream treatments. Modern medicine relates to the standard system of medical practice currently in use by hospitals and doctors. While chiropractic treatment, particularly non-traditional techniques, uses new information and technology, it does not rely on medication. If you are suffering from injuries, then researchers have good news for you. For decades, researchers have wondered if non-invasive chiropractic treatment can be an alternative to modern medicine and most agree that it has a significant positive effect.

With an accident injury chiropractor, patients can avoid dangerous surgeries and painkillers. With how expensive and detrimental certain painkillers can be, the idea of a more natural solution to specific injuries has always been of interest. If you do not want to rely on pills with harmful side effects, you can instead rely on a healthy alternative. Not only that, but chiropractic care can be even more effective than prescription medications in some instances. If medicine does not seem to work for you, then a natural treatment may be more efficient. While pain relief can be essential to healing, exercise and physical therapy are also crucial. An accident injury chiropractor can positively impact a patient’s rehabilitation. Using technology and physical therapy to improve health without invasive procedures makes it easier for patients to focus on their daily recovery.

Major Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

Even though chiropractic treatment is beneficial because of non-invasive and effective methods, it also holds significant additional benefits. Seminole residents who consistently visit an accident injury chiropractor can experience:

  • Less pain and aches throughout the body
  • Improved movement and range of motion
  • Reduced joint inflammation
  • Increased blood flow and nerve function

By ridding the body of spinal misalignments, you can experience a variety of benefits. If you were in an accident, then chances are you may be experiencing lower back pain or other physical discomforts. While the cause for this discomfort may sometimes merely be soft tissue damage, an accident injury chiropractor may discover a spinal misalignment that will not go away without treatment. In fact, misalignments tend to grow more and more out of place and affect other vertebrae if not taken care of.

How to Prepare For Herniated Disc Therapy

How to Prepare For Herniated Disc Therapy

Don’t ignore physical strain in Largo, especially if it’s in your back. Bulges or slips create tension, whether you feel it or not, and you might need herniated disc therapy. Since indications vary from person to person, not everyone gets the help they need. Your desire to work with a chiropractor is a great start! We can help you prepare for your first appointment.

Establish Yourself with a Chiropractor, If Needed

First, you need to choose a chiropractor to work with. There are many options around Largo, so do your research before picking one at random. If they don’t offer the services you need, you’re not using your time or money well. Ask for input from trusted individuals, and see if insurance provides coverage. You may have worked with a chiropractic care professional in the past. If you liked their approach, confirm that they offer herniated disc therapy and set an appointment.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Chiropractic adjustments require movement, and loose fitting clothing makes this process easier. If you have to fit your session in during your lunch break, make sure you pack a change of clothes to wear during your meeting with the spinal doctor. It might seem inconvenient, but it’s even harder to complete therapeutic techniques in restrictive outfits.

Be Open to Treatment Options

Whether you’ve been to a chiropractor before or this is your first consultation, it’s important to stay open to suggested treatment methods. Even if corrective exercises or massage are unfamiliar to you, they could promote the healing process in Largo.

Specific Considerations If Using a Walk-In Clinic

If you seek out herniated disc therapy at a walk-in clinic, your approach will vary from those with an appointed session. That’s because all you have to do is show up and sign in. Make the process go smoothly by bringing:

  • Identification and insurance card
  • Medical records to complete forms
  • Something to read during your wait
  • Patience in the event of a wait

As you can see, we keep things pretty simple at Coastal Chiropractic! All we need is clients who are understanding of a possible wait, as well as materials for our office staff. Walk-in clinics are the ideal approach for anyone that needs immediate pain relief.

Coastal Chiropractic for Herniated Disc Therapy

Come to Coastal Chiropractic for a spinal assessment. You might discover you need herniated disc therapy or one of our other services:

  • Foot scanning
  • Spinal thermography
  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Postural examination
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Walk-in clinic

For more information about our facility in Largo, call us today at 727-581-2774.

5 Ways a Chiropractic Clinic Can Improve Your Sleep

5 Ways a Chiropractic Clinic Can Improve Your Sleep

Are your nights in Largo restless ones? Is sleep hard to come by? Has exhausted become your default setting? Sleep deprivation affects the daily routine and makes it hard to engage. Many people turn to medication sleep aids, but this only makes you depend on the pills. Instead of using over-the-counter products, visit a chiropractic clinic. This natural treatment will make your evenings more restful naturally.

1. Pain relief

Sometimes a dull ache or a sharp pinch makes it impossible for you to get comfortable in bed. Ultimately, this discomfort keeps you from drifting off to dreamland. Not only is this intolerable, but you know that you won’t feel well without enough rest in Largo. A chiropractor makes pain relief possible by applying manual adjustments and other therapeutic techniques. Instead of waiting for shut-eye to come to you, initiate its return.

2. Natural Treatment

Another thing to consider is avoiding over-the-counter sleeping pills and using alternate options. Chiropractic clinics offer natural treatment for various conditions like:

  • Neck or back pain
  • A herniated disc
  • Joint complications
  • Auto accident injuries
  • Sports injuries

These are all uncomfortable and make daily routines difficult. Individuals may mask the physical stress with medications, which only numb the problem. While you do catch some zzz’s, your body eventually relies on chemicals to achieve rest. Pure applications, like spinal adjustments, are better for the body because they promote healing and limit the toxins you ingest.

3. Spinal Alignment

You can achieve alignment with assistance from a chiropractic clinic! Our chiropractor, Dr. Marc Rogers, applies adjustments that help you achieve alignment. With improved posture, you have fewer aches and strains in your daily life. Less physical stress in Largo puts rest within reach!

4. Corrective Exercises

Corrective exercises are another way to improve your sleep schedule. Nagging injuries from auto accidents or sporting activities can be uncomfortable. Whether they’re dull or sharp, it can feel like there’s no way to be at ease. Our rehabilitation programs offer corrective exercises. These movements make you stronger and increase your range of motion. You’ll move through your routine activities more easily in Largo and get comfortable more quickly at night.

5. Lifestyle Advice

Finally, at a chiropractic clinic, you can get lifestyle advice. We provide this guidance based on your needs or concerns. A spinal specialist might point out that your afternoon caffeine could be disrupting your REM cycle or advise you to take a walk after your evening meal. Both advice and manual adjustments are individualized to the patient, so you get targeted assistance!

Choose Coastal Chiropractic Clinic In Largo!

At Coastal Chiropractic clinic, you can regain your REM cycle without medication. You might need to limit your screen time after dinner or, perhaps, you can reduce pain by overcoming an injury. Ultimately, a chiropractor makes it possible for Largo residents to feel better. We offer exercise rehabilitation, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, and more! Call 727-581-2774 for information on our practice.

The Importance of a Chiropractic Walk-in Clinic

The Importance of a Chiropractic Walk-in Clinic

Emergency medical assistance isn’t something Clearwater residents spend a lot of time thinking about until they are in severe pain. Whether you’ve fallen and hurt your hip, have chronic stiffness in your neck after an auto accident, or feel tingling in your arms and legs, you need assistance immediately. Such circumstances aren’t planned for, and you might have a hard time getting an appointment. Instead of waiting for days or weeks on end, come to a chiropractic walk-in clinic for day-of service and immediate relief.

Day-of Service

At Coastal Chiropractic, we offer day-of service to those who need immediate attention. You might be able to endure back soreness for a week or so, but conditions like a pinched nerve or herniated disc will interfere with your ability to engage in daily life in and around Clearwater. Our chiropractic walk-in clinic makes it possible for you to be seen on the day you arrive, whether or not you’ve ever been to our offices. At other places, you may have to wait, since existing patients are on the schedule, but you can count on being seen by our chiropractor.

Immediate Relief

After you’ve been seen by our chiropractor, you’ll experience immediate relief. Quick action is important for the healing process because you want it to start right away. Dr. Marc Rogers will listen to your concerns and assess your spine and muscles before applying any adjustments. Without intervention, the discomfort will persist. Even if you choose to numb it with pain medications, your body won’t be able to heal. As time goes by, your immune system will weaken and you’ll limit your daily activities to avoid pain.

Instead of altering your life based on an injury, take action by reclaiming your health with applications and adjustments. After receiving initial treatment at our chiropractic walk-in clinic, Dr. Rogers will discuss a recovery plan with you. Some Clearwater residents want wellness to be a one-and-done situation, but it’s important to understand that it’s an ongoing effort. Dr. Rogers provides a direct plan for treatment, so you know what to expect moving forward.

What Should I Bring with Me?

Our goal is to make spinal care accessible for Clearwater residents, which is why we offer day-of services. We also try to keep it simple with what you need to bring along:

  • Identification card
  • Insurance information
  • Medical history, if possible
  • Something to occupy your attention

Alongside insurance cards and medical history, we encourage individuals to bring something to do while waiting to be seen. This could be a book to read, a book of crosswords, or a tablet device. Our chiropractic walk-in clinic staff aims to keep your wait short, but it’s always best to arrive with something to do.

Coastal Chiropractic’s Chiropractic Walk-In Clinic

Our chiropractor is dedicated to helping Pinellas County residents with experiencing pain relief, correcting misalignments, achieving spinal alignment, and optimizing wellness. Dr. Marc Rogers offers a multitude of services, including:

  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Corrective exercises
  • Massage therapy
  • And more!

Our chiropractic walk-in clinic is ideal for individuals in Clearwater who have auto accident injuries, like whiplash. Say goodbye to chronic pain and hello to optimal wellness!

A Chiropractor’s Guide to the Gym

A Chiropractor’s Guide to the Gym

As one of the leading chiropractors in Largo, Dr. Marc Rogers has a lot to say about forming healthy habits if you work out at the gym. Whether you’re a member at Gold’s or utilize the local rec center, our chiropractor has some suggestions to improve your overall experience.

2 Things You Absolutely Need

While there are many types of workout gear available, we urge you to focus first on acquiring a water bottle and supportive footwear. You can upgrade from cotton t-shirts to sweat-wicking tanks later, but you can’t undo the damage done by failing to hydrate or wearing flimsy shoes. Lack of follow through on these two fronts will color your experience, and if it’s a negative one, your efforts may fade in the face of discomfort. Don’t let dehydration headaches or shin splints interfere with your personal wellness goals in Largo.

Get Examined By Medical Professionals

A doctor can conduct a basic physical to assess general wellness, and a chiropractor can assess your spinal health before you dive into a new exercise regimen. By checking in, you can correct any misalignments beforehand, reducing the possibility of injuries overall. In addition to adjustments and postural examinations, a chiropractic care professional can provide nutritional counseling or input on how to shed weight with the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program.

Start Small

Veteran gym-goers know this, but newbies tend to tackle more than they should at the beginning. Part of this could be due to excitement about reaching your objectives or, perhaps, you feel like you need to get the most out of your membership in Largo. Whatever the case, take a step back and move forward bit by bit. By starting small, you avoid major injuries and accompanying setbacks. Instead of seeing a chiropractor, your relationship with the gym can remain an amicable one, making it more likely that you keep making progress.

Set Realistic Goals

Similar to starting small, goal-setting can affect your gym experience. If you scale too high when you begin, you’ll experience disappointment and discouragement if you don’t achieve your unrealistic aims. Break a large objective into small steps, so you have multiple goals to reach.

Bring a Towel Along

More important than a Fitbit or pair of Swiftwick socks is a towel to help you dry off mid-workout. Excess sweat will soak your clothing, promoting bacterial growth and potential skin irritation. Keep your salty sweat off your body and out of your eyes when you’re working out with a towel.

See a Chiropractor for Pain or Injuries

No matter how careful Largo gym-goers might be, it’s always possible to get hurt. When unwanted injuries occur, make an appointment with a chiropractor to address misalignments or spinal complications. At Coastal Chiropractic, we offer services like:

  • Physical therapy
  • Corrective exercises
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Spinal screenings
  • Walk-in clinic

All these and more can be used to get you back in motion, so you don’t delay your fitness goals. Call 727-581-2774 or come to our walk-in clinic near Largo for individualized attention today!

Why You Need Immediate Care for Car Accident Injuries

Why You Need Immediate Care for Car Accident Injuries

Whether your bumpers just barely grazed or you were in a full-on collision with other vehicles piled up, car accident injuries are very serious health risks that must receive attention immediately. Even the smaller incidents can leave a driver with cuts, bruises, or whiplash. The problem is, many injuries do not appear right away and can surface as much as weeks later, and drivers in Seminole forgo medical care at the time of the crash because they believe everything is okay. Instead of risking your long-term health, if you are involved in an accident, seek medical care right away, even if it turns out that you are simply a little shaken up.

Florida Law Requires Medical Care to be Received Within 14 Days

Beginning on January 1st, 2014, the State of Florida enacted a law that affects drivers’ personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. Per the statute, those involved in a motor vehicle accident must receive medical attention for their car accident injuries within 14 days of the incident in order to receive PIP benefits. If you wait longer than those 14 days, you will forfeit those benefits.

Whiplash Can Cause Undetected Damage

You may have felt pain from having your head whipped in one direction too rapidly, but whiplash from an automobile incident is even more severe. While driving, your vehicle is moving forward swiftly, and when an outside force collides with it, the laws of physics mean your body continues to move forward while the car stays behind. This is why wearing a seatbelt is so important, because it stops your body from flying forward through the windshield. However, your head is not protected by the seatbelt, and it will continue to accelerate forward even when the rest of your body is being restrained. This movement, the rapid thrash forward and back, is the root of whiplash. While you may imagine most car accident injuries as something you can see, such as cuts or scrapes, whiplash is an invisible injury that can lead to a host of issues.

Seeing a Doctor As Soon As Possible

With whiplash, you do not want to delay medical care in Seminole. A walk-in clinic ensures that you will be seen that day, which can help diagnose and treat car accident injuries immediately instead of delaying and allowing them to worsen. A chiropractor, someone who specializes in healing the spine and nervous system, is the perfect choice after an automobile crash because they can analyze the damage, begin healing your spine and prevent the effects of whiplash from taking over.

Visit Coastal Chiropractic’s Walk-In Clinic for Car Accident Injuries

If you have suffered car accident injuries in Seminole, do not delay — come to Coastal Chiropractic’s walk-in clinic for immediate attention and relief. Pain from motor vehicle crashes can go undetected for weeks, only to surface later on with a vengeance. To prevent this, visit a chiropractor as soon as possible to receive care and treatment before things get worse. You only have 14 days after a documented automobile incident to receive professional medical care if you want to receive coverage for PIP benefits, so visit a clinic in Seminole that offers same-day service. To learn more about Coastal Chiropractic, call us today at 727-581-2774.

3 Signs You Need To See A Walk-In Chiropractor

3 Signs You Need To See A Walk-In Chiropractor

It is rare to find a chiropractic clinic that offers immediate services such as a walk-in chiropractor, but too often, Largo residents need a way to address their discomfort and suffering in a quick way. After all, accidents, migraines, back pain, and more do not abide by a schedule! Instead of waiting days, even weeks or months, for an appointment, visit a clinic like Coastal Chiropractic when you run into any of the following scenarios.

1. You Have Been In a Car Accident

Car accidents happen every day in Largo. Ulmerton Road is a major thoroughfare and traversing it on a daily basis puts you at risk. Even if it’s just a tap to the bumper, you should visit a walk-in chiropractor after you have been in a traffic incident. Hidden injuries can lie dormant for days only to surface down the road, and you want to prevent pain before it ever has the chance to occur. By getting yourself checked out right away by a medical professional, you can prevent aches and strains, address whiplash or misalignments, and more.

2. Your Schedule Is Sporadic

Largo is a busy area, and its residents are even busier. Your everyday schedule may be routine but packed with errands and work, or maybe you work in an environment that is constantly changing schedules. Regardless, if your schedule is all over the place, you don’t have the luxury of making an appointment weeks or months in advance. Instead, you can visit Costal Chiropractic’s walk-in chiropractor whenever you do have a spare moment to address your spinal care and overall wellbeing.

3. You Need Pain Relief NOW

If you’ve ever been seated at your desk and felt a sudden seizure in your back or woken up with a painful, stiff neck, then you know what the need for immediate pain relief feels like. In Largo, when you need to see a walk-in chiropractor to address and relieve your discomfort right away, instead of getting an appointment for days later and suffering until you can see them, you can just drop in. You may have to wait a little while, but you will be seen shortly.

Visit Coastal Chiropractic Clinic for A Walk-In Chiropractor

Coastal Chiropractic is a premier, modern chiropractic clinic in Largo that features some of the latest and most innovative technology in the medical field. From postural scannings and live x-rays to spinal thermography and cold laser therapy, their chiropractor is prepared to relieve your pain right away. For more information, call Coastal Chiropractic today at (727) 581-2774.

6 Weight Management Tips from a Chiropractor

6 Weight Management Tips from a Chiropractor

There are many folks in Largo who strive to maintain their weight but fall short of their goals. No matter how many hours they dedicate at the gym or how closely they track their calories, the pounds don’t seem to lift. Our chiropractor, Dr. Marc Rogers has input on the matter.

1. Vegetables Should Cover Half of Your Plate

Without ample fiber and nutrients, your diet isn’t doing anything to assist you. We’re not advocating for a shift to vegetarianism or even veganism, but our chiropractor insists that you incorporate plenty of veggies in your meals. It’s incredibly common to assume that you’re getting enough, but a good rule is to cover half of your plate with:

  • Leafy greens
  • Bell peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomatoes
  • Zucchini
  • Carrots

By adding these to your meals, you can get the minerals, vitamins, and fiber you need!

2. Avoid Media While Eating Meals

While it’s tempting to press ‘Still Watching’ on Netflix between bites, turn off the television and set down your smartphone in Largo. These media outlets may entertain, but they also distract you from how much you’re chowing down in a single sitting. By giving attention to the meal instead of your favorite show, you can identify when you feel full.

3. Chew Food Slowly

Our chiropractor will advise you to chew slowly, no matter what you’re eating. Taking time between bites and drinking plenty of water will make digestion easier. Not only will you be aware of when you’re full, but you can also reduce gassiness and bloating.

4. Consider Nutritional Counseling Services

For those in Largo who want targeted coaching, a nutritional counselor can assist you with setting goals, tracking progress, and ruling out any food sensitivities that interfere with your digestive health. This approach offers an individualized plan, specialized attention, and consistent accountability.

5. Put Your Body in Motion

Exercise promotes metabolism, and it serves as a gateway to weight loss. You don’t have to pump iron or endure rigorous cardio. You just have to put your body in motion, whether it’s walking on the beach, weeding in your garden or taking a pilates class. If you cannot move without pain in Largo, make an appointment with a chiropractor.

6. Consult with Our Chiropractor, Dr. Marc Rogers

Sometimes injuries and misalignments can keep us from moving with ease, and these limitations can complicate keeping our weight down. Maintain yours in Largo with the assistance of Dr. Marc Rogers of Coastal Chiropractic. He can assess your spine, provide nutritional counseling services, and offer lifestyle advice, as well as:

  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Postural examinations
  • Corrective exercises
  • Massage therapy
  • Walk-in clinic
  • And more

With input from our chiropractor, you can achieve pain relief and achieve your weight management goals. Call 727-581-2774 to learn about our various services.

5 Questions to Ask a Chiropractor

5 Questions to Ask a Chiropractor

Is your back bothering you? Does your neck feel stiff? Or perhaps, your hips are tight. Whatever the case, you need help from a chiropractor. Whether you’ve had adjustments before or you’re new to chiropractic care, ask these questions to ensure that the practitioner you see in Largo offers what you need.

What Experience Do they Have Treating My Condition?

Before you set an appointment, ask about the doctor’s experience with conditions like yours. If you’re unsure of what’s wrong, describe the symptoms as best you can. At Coastal Chiropractic, they treat individuals in Largo for a variety of reasons like:

  • Stiff neck
  • Migraines
  • Sore lower back
  • Knee injuries
  • Hip problems

Each condition is unique to the individual, so they will create a plan to match your needs. Be sure to inquire about how Dr. Marc Rogers will approach your treatment before visiting.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

No matter your circumstances, a chiropractor should be able to project the length of your recovery process. If they don’t, ask about it. If they don’t give you an idea or range, call someone else. It’s important to acknowledge that recuperation is fluid. In some cases, you might recover more quickly, and others might warrant additional appointments in Largo.

What Techniques Do they Use?

The goal of a chiropractor is to help you achieve pain relief. Dr. Rogers does this by using a variety of methods and tools. Most doctors will detail the techniques they plan to use, but if something is unclear or you want further information, don’t hesitate to inquire!

What If I Need Help, but I Don’t Have an Appointment?

When certain injuries occur, you need pain relief fast. However, what do you do in Largo if the chiropractor you’re trying to see is booked until next week? At Coastal Chiropractic, they know that life presents unexpected moments, so they offer services at their walk-in clinic. During certain times of the week, you can arrive at their facility with no warning, and they will see you the same day you come in.

How Can they Help Me Change My Lifestyle?

Some patients are inspired to make lifestyle changes after receiving chiropractic care because discomfort is no longer a chronic issue. Whether you want to manage your weight better or improve your athletic performance, ask about how you can achieve these aims.

Meet the Chiropractor, Dr. Marc Rogers!

The staff at Coastal Chiropractic is dedicated to assisting individuals in Largo who need pain relief. If you’ve been in a crash on Seminole Boulevard, visit their walk-in clinic. When your loved one slips unexpectedly, they can alleviate their discomfort. Whenever the aches or strains become too much, call their office at 727-581-2774. Coastal’s chiropractor is here to help, so let Dr. Rogers take a look at your spine!