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The Benefits of Seeing a Sports Chiropractor

The Benefits of Seeing a Sports Chiropractor

For any athlete, seeing a sports chiropractor for care is a great way to stay competitive. Whether you are seeking relief from pain or you are hoping to prevent future injuries, chiropractic care is an effective natural treatment option. Sports chiropractors offer innovative treatment options that are made to fit your unique athletic needs.

See a Sports Chiropractor for Pain Relief

Many athletes experience pain as a result of their active lifestyles. Instead of turning to harmful painkillers, seek out the care of a sports chiropractor. Taking pain medicine will only treat the symptoms of the problem, not the underlying cause. Traditional medicine would put you on the path to surgery while the non-traditional approach of chiropractic care avoids surgery. Sports chiropractors seek to treat problems at their source to alleviate the issue. If you are experiencing pain as a result of your involvement in sports or other physical activities, chiropractic care is the best natural approach.

How Chiropractors Help in Preventing and Recovering from Injuries

In addition to daily strains, athletes also experience a higher risk of injury. Injuries are sometimes the result of tense muscles or underlying shifts in the spine. A sports chiropractor can help to prevent damage by helping you maintain flexibility and range of motion. When your body is aligned, it dramatically reduces your risk of common injuries like muscle tears and joint dislocations. If you’ve already suffered an injury, chiropractic care is still very helpful in the recovery process by eliminating pain. While you may need the relief of pain medicine after an injury, a chiropractor can aid in your rehabilitation and return to full mobility.

A Chiropractic’s Unique Approach

Sports chiropractors focus on offering a non-traditional approach to athletic chiropractic care. They use the most advanced technology to adjust and align your spine without the loud cracking sounds. All physical activity starts with the spine, which is why chiropractic care is a fantastic way to heal a variety of conditions. Sports chiropractors are different from other clinics because they look beyond secondary symptoms and focus on the underlying structural shift that could be causing a wide variety of pains.

How to Find the Best Chiropractor for Your Injury

How to Find the Best Chiropractor for Your Injury

Injuries and constant pain may seem like things that just come with age, but just because you get older does not mean you have to suffer. There are ways to improve your quality of life, such as seeking chiropractic care. The best chiropractor is one that practices non-traditional techniques. As the technology necessary to view the body in more detail has improved, professionals can now receive live images of your body. Viewing the inner workings of your body, including areas of inflammation and neurostructural shifts, is easier than ever. This makes it even easier to get pain relief as you age or if you receive an injury.

What makes non-traditional techniques better than traditional is that they rely more on technology than an arbitrary scale of how a patient feels during a single session. Patient pain evaluations can vary from day to day, so this measure of change is inconsistent and imperfect. Instead, technological scans and evaluations can show, definitively, the progress that a patient is making. Pain sufferers will show more improvement and faster healing through multiple sessions of non-traditional chiropractic compared to a single traditional visit.

The Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care

Studies have shown that chiropractic can be just as effective as traditional medicine like prescription medication. Pain sufferers who consistently visit the best chiropractor can benefit from:

  • Increased energy
  • Improvements in immune response
  • Better posture
  • Less back pain
  • Improved nerve communication

Muscle spasms can be the result of injury, muscular adhesion, or even neurostructural shifts. Constant pain can lead to depression, a lack of energy, and trouble focusing on everyday tasks. The best chiropractor for situations affecting your mental wellbeing is one that focuses on healing the entire body instead of just one area.

The Best Chiropractor Can Target Neurostructural Shifts

Factors that make chiropractic treatment work include precision technology and the focus on neurostructural shifts. People often think of chiropractors as providing only massage services, but there is much more to chiropractic care. The best chiropractor can reduce pain without rough massages or those unpleasant sounds like snaps, cracks, and pops. Using imaging technology that allows them to see your spinal column in real time, the chiropractor can record kinks and figure out how to best correct them. Precision instruments then allow for soft pressure to painlessly realign the spine.

Reach New Limits with a Chiropractor for Athletes

Reach New Limits with a Chiropractor for Athletes

People dealing with consistent pain or who have trouble finding relief with discomfort that is not treatable or manageable without medications should seek the care of a chiropractor. Active individuals who want to avoid medicines that make them sluggish or slow can instead rely on a chiropractor for athletes. Active people benefit from non-invasive and painless treatments that strengthen areas of injury.

Chiropractic medicine has been a point of debate in the past, but not so much in the modern day. Extensive research demonstrates that alternative physical therapies like chiropractic treatment are better for the body. Individuals can also improve and strengthen their body to prevent injuries. A chiropractor for athletes focuses on the overall health of the body, particularly the spine.

Neurostructural Shifts

When you understand how the spine plays a role in the body’s function, you can better protect it from neurostructural shifts. The spine receives damage in many ways such as trauma, heavy stress, or bad posture. Regardless of how it happens, a neurostructural shift — a kink along the spine — can form. Since they are not always apparent at first, many people live with the pain for a long time without correction. Athletes with symptoms of a neurostructural shift should seek treatment as soon as possible. Neurostructural shifts, also known as subluxations, are better found early on and treated right away. A proper routine of care, physical therapy, and non-structural corrections from a chiropractor for athletes can keep you performing in top shape.

Injuries that Benefit from a Chiropractor for Athletes

While you are moving and twisting around, you can injure different parts of your body. Those who have muscle pain that feels like it is stretching too tightly may be suffering from muscular adhesion. This occurs from overuse and straining of the muscles. While we do not think of exercise as tearing our body, it does so on a small level. Repetitive straining without rest can cause muscle tissue to stick to the surrounding area. It can also happen from improper healing of injuries like broken ankles. Athletes, regardless of their sport, should pay attention to signs from their body. Do not treat potential physical damage as something to take care of later when a chiropractor for athletes can relieve your discomfort now.

How Chiropractors Can Reduce Pain and Inflammation

Athletes can damage their body, and their spinal column in particular, in a variety of ways. Swinging a golf over and over or deadlifting heavy weights can lead to injury. Even though our body is made to withstand motion and stress, it still needs maintenance, and accidents happen. A muscle tear can result in sharp, hot pain and spasms, which are clear indicators of a strain. Chiropractors for athletes offer wellness services such as massage therapy, which can increase blood circulation. Those with inflammation and lower back pain can visit a chiropractor to reduce these discomforts.

How the Spine Affects Your Body When Damaged

A chiropractor for athletes can be of particular assistance in cases involving spinal subluxation. While you may not think of the spine in relation to inflammation in other areas of the body, the spinal cord actually does transport important signals throughout your body. That means issues along some regions of the spine can result in a wide variety of symptoms elsewhere. After an auto accident, many victims report neck pains and tingling sensations in their extremities. This condition, known as whiplash, can disrupt the upper vertebrae that are responsible for nerves in the neck, arms, and hands. Accident victims and athletes alike can benefit from the routine care of a chiropractor.

When Should You Hire an Accident Chiropractor?

When Should You Hire an Accident Chiropractor?

Have you been part of an accident with reoccurring pain that does not improve with medication? Then alternative physical therapy may be the right course of action for you. Alternative methods of pain relief, like visiting an accident chiropractor, can reduce the pain while improving overall health. Accident victims can see an accident chiropractor to benefit from the numerous positive effects of chiropractic treatment. Benefits of chiropractic care include:

  • Improvements in range of motion
  • Enhancements in cardiac system and lung function
  • Correction of posture and misalignments along the spine
  • Reduction in inflammation
  • Better circulation and oxygenation within the body

After an accident, many people hesitate to get the proper help they need for their injuries. This, however, is not always the fault of the individual. One major factor to be wary of is the potential for long-term pain. The stress and intensity of the situation can mean that adrenaline limits the amount of pain felt at the time of the accident. Also known as delayed injuries, you may feel the true extent of the damage much later. Meanwhile, more damage can be created without notice. Injuries should not be treated lightly. Nor should victims go entirely without treatment. Conditions like whiplash can take days or weeks to fully develop and show symptoms; therefore, it is best to visit an accident chiropractor as soon as you can after the incident.

An Accident Chiropractor Can Help with Multiple Conditions

When conducting studies on the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment, researchers found that consistent treatment was the most useful for health. Current polling puts the number of Americans who visit chiropractors at over 35 million. Many people do not want to use prescription medication and would rather go a drug-free route. Consistent treatment from an accident chiropractor can help pain sufferers avoid expensive prescriptions by promoting natural healing. Chiropractic treatments can benefit conditions like:

  • Ankle sprains
  • Lower-back pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Muscular adhesion
  • Joint inflammation

Staying in shape and strengthening the body can also improve the body’s natural functions. Ensuring that an injury properly heals can help improve overall health and reduce the chances of future complications with the injury. Some patients may develop muscular adhesion due to an injury if they do not receive the right care.

Why You Should Choose a Chiropractor for Athletes

Why You Should Choose a Chiropractor for Athletes

Anybody that plays sports knows the feeling of waking up the next day aching from head to toe. Whether you toss the pigskin or pump iron, too many tackles, too much sprinting, or too many serves can very quickly take a toll on the body. Especially as the years begin to catch up to the body, it can almost be enough to make a person want to stop playing altogether. But quitting is not an option for people that truly love the game. Using traditional and non-traditional chiropractic techniques, including top-of-the-line technology, a chiropractor for athletes can pinpoint the underlying cause of your pain, not just relieve the pain, and help get you back onto the field faster.

Chiropractic Services Vs. Traditional Sports Medicine

In the past, pain and injury from sports have been treated with expensive drugs. These drugs, however, can leave the body feeling tired and weak, or with months of physical therapy. These kinds of treatments may help relieve the pain temporarily, but they rarely address the underlying problems that cause the chronic or recurring sports-related pain. However, potentially worse than that is the possibility of having to have surgery. A chiropractor for athletes uses a different style of treatment that focuses on determining the root cause of the pain, instead of simply masking the pain. Through an advanced approach, chiropractic treatment can correct NeuroStructural shifts that cause the body pain while exercising or playing sports, and relieve the pain, as well as the underlying causes.


What is a NeuroStructural Shift?

The skeleton is the framework that provides structure for your muscles. The spine is the most important part of your skeleton. You take care of your muscles every time you work out or play sports. Question is, do you take care of your spine? A chiropractor for athletes can help. NeuroStructural shifts occur when the spine moves, due to time or trauma. The shift prevents the spine from operating at its full potential. When the bones in the spine are misaligned, even a small amount, pain or weakness can occur throughout the body. This pain can severely affect the way you play.

Many athletes that experience pain from playing sports are tempted to look for traditional methods of dealing with their pain. These methods usually involve costly medical bills and prescription drugs. However, a chiropractor for athletes can use non-traditional chiropractic techniques that are often able to fix problems related to NeuroStructural shifts without medication or surgery.

How Can a Chiropractor for Athletes Relieve Sports-Related Pain?

Using high-tech instruments and the latest chiropractic techniques, a chiropractor for athletes can help patients get back to their peak performance. Some chiropractic techniques include live motion radiography, similar to an X-ray, which allows the doctor to pinpoint exactly where your pain is coming from, cold laser technology, which can reduce pain and inflammation, and massage therapy, which helps alleviate pain. The chiropractic adjustment technique is designed to help eliminate your pain using light pressure and applied to specific areas of your body and spine.

6 Tips for Locating the Best Chiropractic Clinic

6 Tips for Locating the Best Chiropractic Clinic

If you are in physical distress, you will not have the time to look for the best chiropractic clinic in St. Petersburg. The strain or discomfort might make you feel desperate to see a practitioner, but what if you get subpar service? There are many reasons to visit a chiropractor— back problems, stiff shoulders, trouble sleeping, sports injuries, and more. Instead of choosing a spinal doctor at random, consider these tips.

1. Identify Your Needs

Pain relief might be your main priority, at first, but consider other aims that a chiropractor can help you achieve. After all, adjustments and exercises will help you reduce discomfort, but preventative action can keep issues from recurring. You might also be interested in improving your posture, losing some pounds, or returning to your favorite sport. By looking at your goals and needs, you have an idea of what to look for from providers.

2. Locate a Facility with Multiple Services

Look beyond your needs and goals in St. Petersburg to locate the best chiropractic clinic. You might benefit from a service that you are unfamiliar with, and if the chiropractor does not offer it, you will miss out. Choose someone with multiple utilities so you can get the assistance you need at a single facility.

3. Conduct Research

Before you even make an appointment, go to the drawing board and complete some research. For some, this means asking around at the office. For others, it involves checking with insurance or reading online reviews. However you pursue information in St. Petersburg, do so thoroughly.

4. Schedule a Consultation

Several chiropractors offer initial appointment promotions so that you can conduct an interview with them at little cost. If you are undecided, call around to see which facility offers the greatest deal or is at a convenient location to you. Making an appointment with the best chiropractic clinic is a simple step in a positive direction!

5. Assess Your Comfort Level

Once you have completed your initial visit, check in with how you feel.

  • Did you have to wait long?
  • Was it easy to check in?
  • Were staff members polite?
  • How clear was communication?
  • What made you comfortable?
  • Did anything make you uncomfortable?

No matter how close by or affordable a facility is, your comfort level will point you to the best chiropractic clinic in St. Petersburg.

6. Choose the Best Chiropractic Clinic in St. Petersburg

No need to spend time searching— Bond Thomas is the best chiropractic clinic in the Bay area! Not only are we dedicated to our clients, but we also strive to help them reach optimal wellness with services and programs like:

  • Physical therapy
  • Wellness for all ages
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Auto accident injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Massage

These therapeutic services compliment manual adjustments, and we can help St. Petersburg residents discover their best self! Call 727-522-1900 to set an appointment or discuss our medical approach.

The Importance of a Chiropractic Walk-in Clinic

The Importance of a Chiropractic Walk-in Clinic

Emergency medical assistance isn’t something Clearwater residents spend a lot of time thinking about until they are in severe pain. Whether you’ve fallen and hurt your hip, have chronic stiffness in your neck after an auto accident, or feel tingling in your arms and legs, you need assistance immediately. Such circumstances aren’t planned for, and you might have a hard time getting an appointment. Instead of waiting for days or weeks on end, come to a chiropractic walk-in clinic for day-of service and immediate relief.

Day-of Service

At Coastal Chiropractic, we offer day-of service to those who need immediate attention. You might be able to endure back soreness for a week or so, but conditions like a pinched nerve or herniated disc will interfere with your ability to engage in daily life in and around Clearwater. Our chiropractic walk-in clinic makes it possible for you to be seen on the day you arrive, whether or not you’ve ever been to our offices. At other places, you may have to wait, since existing patients are on the schedule, but you can count on being seen by our chiropractor.

Immediate Relief

After you’ve been seen by our chiropractor, you’ll experience immediate relief. Quick action is important for the healing process because you want it to start right away. Dr. Marc Rogers will listen to your concerns and assess your spine and muscles before applying any adjustments. Without intervention, the discomfort will persist. Even if you choose to numb it with pain medications, your body won’t be able to heal. As time goes by, your immune system will weaken and you’ll limit your daily activities to avoid pain.

Instead of altering your life based on an injury, take action by reclaiming your health with applications and adjustments. After receiving initial treatment at our chiropractic walk-in clinic, Dr. Rogers will discuss a recovery plan with you. Some Clearwater residents want wellness to be a one-and-done situation, but it’s important to understand that it’s an ongoing effort. Dr. Rogers provides a direct plan for treatment, so you know what to expect moving forward.

What Should I Bring with Me?

Our goal is to make spinal care accessible for Clearwater residents, which is why we offer day-of services. We also try to keep it simple with what you need to bring along:

  • Identification card
  • Insurance information
  • Medical history, if possible
  • Something to occupy your attention

Alongside insurance cards and medical history, we encourage individuals to bring something to do while waiting to be seen. This could be a book to read, a book of crosswords, or a tablet device. Our chiropractic walk-in clinic staff aims to keep your wait short, but it’s always best to arrive with something to do.

Coastal Chiropractic’s Chiropractic Walk-In Clinic

Our chiropractor is dedicated to helping Pinellas County residents with experiencing pain relief, correcting misalignments, achieving spinal alignment, and optimizing wellness. Dr. Marc Rogers offers a multitude of services, including:

  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Corrective exercises
  • Massage therapy
  • And more!

Our chiropractic walk-in clinic is ideal for individuals in Clearwater who have auto accident injuries, like whiplash. Say goodbye to chronic pain and hello to optimal wellness!

Pinched Nerve Treatment: Why You Need It

Pinched Nerve Treatment: Why You Need It

Too many St. Petersburg residents go through life everyday suffering from back pain caused by aggravated nerves. There are many ways to address the discomfort, but pinched nerve treatment is one of the most comprehensive and safe ways to do so. By visiting with a chiropractor who specializes in this form of care, you can say goodbye to everyday aches and hello to a life free of suffering.

Sciatica: What is it?

Sciatica is the medical term for pinched nerves and the discomfort that is associated with the condition. It stems from lower back issues such as:

As you can see, chiropractic care can influence the transfer of pain to the lower body. When misaligned, your nervous system cannot properly send messages through the cord. This causes soreness, disruption in communication, and ultimately, a system that is “out of whack.” Whether you suffer from constant, shooting pain down your legs or you have a numbness in your buttock or toes, you should consider pinched nerve treatment in St. Petersburg to resolve your sciatica.

Different Types of Pinched Nerve Treatment

There are a number of ways that those suffering from pain can get pinched nerve treatment in St. Petersburg. A chiropractor, someone who works closely with the spine, is your safest bet, as they will assist you with noninvasive and drug-free methods to ease your aches and strains before sending you to a specialist for surgery if it is necessary for you to heal. The following types of chiropractic care can ease stiffness or soreness:

Spinal Decompression — When the spine is compressed, an overabundance of force is placed on the discs, and therefore, nerves, which is what causes the severe pain you may feel in your back or legs. With spinal decompression therapy, the pressure is released and the aching subsides.

Spinal Adjustments —By gently adjusting and realigning the spine and cord, a chiropractor can help your body revert back to its optimal stance. When aligned, your lumbar discs are free of being overexerted and pressed together, which relieves pressure from sciatica.

Massage and Physical Therapy — With the help of relaxing massage and physical therapy to loosen up your muscles and joints, the spine has room to release pressure, taking the strain off the affected area.

Visit the Professionals at Bond Thomas Chiropractic

At Bond Thomas Chiropractic, our team of trained and licensed chiropractors, massage therapists, and nutritional counselors are prepared to help you live a healthier life in St. Petersburg. Whether you have sciatica and need pinched nerve treatment or you want to lose a few pounds with lifestyle changes, we are here to assist. To learn more about pain management and how we can make you feel better starting today, give us a call at 727-522-1900.

3 Signs You Need To See A Walk-In Chiropractor

3 Signs You Need To See A Walk-In Chiropractor

It is rare to find a chiropractic clinic that offers immediate services such as a walk-in chiropractor, but too often, Largo residents need a way to address their discomfort and suffering in a quick way. After all, accidents, migraines, back pain, and more do not abide by a schedule! Instead of waiting days, even weeks or months, for an appointment, visit a clinic like Coastal Chiropractic when you run into any of the following scenarios.

1. You Have Been In a Car Accident

Car accidents happen every day in Largo. Ulmerton Road is a major thoroughfare and traversing it on a daily basis puts you at risk. Even if it’s just a tap to the bumper, you should visit a walk-in chiropractor after you have been in a traffic incident. Hidden injuries can lie dormant for days only to surface down the road, and you want to prevent pain before it ever has the chance to occur. By getting yourself checked out right away by a medical professional, you can prevent aches and strains, address whiplash or misalignments, and more.

2. Your Schedule Is Sporadic

Largo is a busy area, and its residents are even busier. Your everyday schedule may be routine but packed with errands and work, or maybe you work in an environment that is constantly changing schedules. Regardless, if your schedule is all over the place, you don’t have the luxury of making an appointment weeks or months in advance. Instead, you can visit Costal Chiropractic’s walk-in chiropractor whenever you do have a spare moment to address your spinal care and overall wellbeing.

3. You Need Pain Relief NOW

If you’ve ever been seated at your desk and felt a sudden seizure in your back or woken up with a painful, stiff neck, then you know what the need for immediate pain relief feels like. In Largo, when you need to see a walk-in chiropractor to address and relieve your discomfort right away, instead of getting an appointment for days later and suffering until you can see them, you can just drop in. You may have to wait a little while, but you will be seen shortly.

Visit Coastal Chiropractic Clinic for A Walk-In Chiropractor

Coastal Chiropractic is a premier, modern chiropractic clinic in Largo that features some of the latest and most innovative technology in the medical field. From postural scannings and live x-rays to spinal thermography and cold laser therapy, their chiropractor is prepared to relieve your pain right away. For more information, call Coastal Chiropractic today at (727) 581-2774.

6 Weight Management Tips from a Chiropractor

6 Weight Management Tips from a Chiropractor

There are many folks in Largo who strive to maintain their weight but fall short of their goals. No matter how many hours they dedicate at the gym or how closely they track their calories, the pounds don’t seem to lift. Our chiropractor, Dr. Marc Rogers has input on the matter.

1. Vegetables Should Cover Half of Your Plate

Without ample fiber and nutrients, your diet isn’t doing anything to assist you. We’re not advocating for a shift to vegetarianism or even veganism, but our chiropractor insists that you incorporate plenty of veggies in your meals. It’s incredibly common to assume that you’re getting enough, but a good rule is to cover half of your plate with:

  • Leafy greens
  • Bell peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomatoes
  • Zucchini
  • Carrots

By adding these to your meals, you can get the minerals, vitamins, and fiber you need!

2. Avoid Media While Eating Meals

While it’s tempting to press ‘Still Watching’ on Netflix between bites, turn off the television and set down your smartphone in Largo. These media outlets may entertain, but they also distract you from how much you’re chowing down in a single sitting. By giving attention to the meal instead of your favorite show, you can identify when you feel full.

3. Chew Food Slowly

Our chiropractor will advise you to chew slowly, no matter what you’re eating. Taking time between bites and drinking plenty of water will make digestion easier. Not only will you be aware of when you’re full, but you can also reduce gassiness and bloating.

4. Consider Nutritional Counseling Services

For those in Largo who want targeted coaching, a nutritional counselor can assist you with setting goals, tracking progress, and ruling out any food sensitivities that interfere with your digestive health. This approach offers an individualized plan, specialized attention, and consistent accountability.

5. Put Your Body in Motion

Exercise promotes metabolism, and it serves as a gateway to weight loss. You don’t have to pump iron or endure rigorous cardio. You just have to put your body in motion, whether it’s walking on the beach, weeding in your garden or taking a pilates class. If you cannot move without pain in Largo, make an appointment with a chiropractor.

6. Consult with Our Chiropractor, Dr. Marc Rogers

Sometimes injuries and misalignments can keep us from moving with ease, and these limitations can complicate keeping our weight down. Maintain yours in Largo with the assistance of Dr. Marc Rogers of Coastal Chiropractic. He can assess your spine, provide nutritional counseling services, and offer lifestyle advice, as well as:

  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Postural examinations
  • Corrective exercises
  • Massage therapy
  • Walk-in clinic
  • And more

With input from our chiropractor, you can achieve pain relief and achieve your weight management goals. Call 727-581-2774 to learn about our various services.