What Chiropractic Care Can Teach You About Your Vertebrae

What Chiropractic Care Can Teach You About Your Vertebrae

Understanding the vertebrae a little better helps our St. Petersburg clients see why chiropractic care is so important. At Bond Thomas Chiropractic, we focus on correcting issues that occur within the spinal region because when vertebrae are misaligned, many side effects may occur. This includes muscle pain, reduced range of motion, and headaches.

Once you understand how your vertebrae work, you will begin to identify the side effects of spinal issues in your body. Fear not, though, because chiropractic care can help correct the problem.

The Function of the Vertebrae

Your vertebrae begin at your skull and stretch all the way down to your pelvis. The vertebral column is made up of thirty-three bones. The bones are divided into different groups for identification purposes:

  • The Cervical Vertebrae: this is your neck area, which consists of seven vertebrae bones (C1-C7) positioned just below your skull.
  • Thoracic Vertebrae: this is known as your middle back, and consists of twelve bones (T1-T12) below the neck.
  • Lumbar Vertebrae: this is the lower back area, which consists of five bones (L1-L5).
  • Sacrum and Coccyx: the entire vertebral column sits on the sacrum and coccyx, found at the back of your pelvis. The sacrum bone looks triangular and is made up of five vertebrae bones that are fused together. The coccyx, which is sometimes called the “tail,” is also made up of vertebrae that are fused together at the base of the spine.

Each region of the vertebrae is engaged in every movement of your body, and excellent mobility depends on having healthy spine. Chiropractic care strives to fix any issues that arise within your spinal region. Why? Because motion requires all of the segments to work together. Your vertebrae do not function in isolation from each other, so issues arising in one area will create side effects throughout the other connected areas.

Bond Thomas Chiropractic Provides Chiropractic Care for Your Vertebrae

If you feel that your vertebrae are out of alignment, let Bond Thomas Chiropractic in St. Petersburg take a look at it. Chiropractic care can leave you feeling pain-free and flexible even if strains and pains have been a part of your daily life for years. Remember that your spine is the center of movement and its health directly impacts your whole body. Give us a call at 727-522-1900 to schedule your appointment today.

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