4 Injuries That Warrant Auto Accident Injury Treatment

4 Injuries That Warrant Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Car crashes and tapped bumpers are all too common in downtown St. Petersburg. Merge onto I-275 North and your chances of a collision increase. By no means are you in line for a fatality every time you step into your Honda, but having a resource for auto accident injury treatment is essential for recovery if you’ve been affected. Oftentimes, these instances warrant attention from a chiropractic care practitioner, but individuals are unaware of what they need. Internal and external injuries abound, no matter how small or significant the crash.

1. Back Pain

Whether you were sideswiped while merging onto the freeway or were lightly hit from behind by an unsuspecting driver in the Publix parking lot, it’s necessary to receive medical attention. Too many individuals ignore symptoms that indicate something is wrong, like:

  • Chronic discomfort
  • Persistent headaches
  • Limited range of motion
  • Numbness in arms or legs
  • Loss of muscle control

You may have a pinched nerve, a herniated disc, or periodic back spasms. Whatever the case, you need assistance in St. Petersburg! Collision or no, chiropractic care facilities are the place to go when you’re dealing with back discomfort.

2. Head Injuries

Once you’ve seen a medical practitioner to address brain damage and other neurological problems, make an appointment with a chiropractor for auto accident injury treatment. We encourage this because head injuries, though internal, are almost always accompanied by spinal complications. Don’t hinder progress and healing by not getting the help you need in St. Petersburg.

3. Soft Tissue Injuries

Contusions and sprains are among the most common soft tissue injuries. These bruises and strained tendons may be indicative of something deeper, like spinal misalignments. By choosing to see a chiropractor, you can receive an inspection, address any issues, and rule out possible problems. They may suggest massage or corrective exercises to help you regain strength.

4. Whiplash

After rear-ending incidents, many individuals show signs of whiplash. Unfortunately, too many people ignore the possibility of severe damage, believing that their soreness or stiffness is simply a byproduct of the crash that will fade in no time. In these circumstances, the impact of being hit from behind places enormous stress on the cervical spine. Without auto accident injury treatment, you will experience physical strain without end.

Bond Thomas Chiro Offers Auto Accident Injury Treatment

At Bond Thomas Chiropractic, our team is dedicated to serving Pinellas County families. If you or a family member has been in a car collision, make sure auto accident injury treatment is a priority for everyone involved in St. Petersburg. In addition to this service, we also offer:

Manual adjustments and the latest technologies promote spinal alignment, and we can assist you in making lifestyle changes that promote wellness. Call 727-522-1900 to schedule an appointment!

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