What “Pops” During Your Chiropractic Treatment?

What “Pops” During Your Chiropractic Treatment?

That popping sound sometimes frightens people during their chiropractic treatment. Don’t worry— nothing is breaking inside. In fact, the popping sound is just a sign that the doctor is giving a careful adjustment. This adjustment gives the joints a chance to regain their full range of motion.

What Causes the Pop?

When the joints are adjusted during a chiropractic treatment, the pressure will often result in a popping sound. During the first visit, many people are alarmed and think, “What was that? Is that my bone?”

There is no need to be anxious, however. The sound is not coming from the bones. The chiropractor is adjusting the synovial joints. The synovial joint is where your bones come together, and they are covered with a thin layer of cartilage that is lubricated with synovial liquid. These joints allow movement in the body, but often they are restricted due to pent-up gas. Even everyday habits can cause this type of damage, but particular attention should be paid to the range of motion after an accident or a sports injury.

The chiropractor stretches the joint to release gas. They use pressure and adjusting techniques to force the gas out and free the joint from restriction. When the gas is forced out, you hear the pop.

How Does the Pop Benefit You?

Not only is the pop nothing to worry about, it actually produces some great results for the body. In cases where the range of motion was restricted, letting out the gas bubbles allows movement in the joints more freely.

Once the joints are free from blockage after the chiropractic treatment, the nerves can function properly. The pop helps to get rid of nerve irritations that can build up along the spinal column and throughout the body.

Muscles are often stiff around areas where the joints are restricted, but once freedom of movement and reduced nerve irritations are retained, the muscles are able to relax.

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