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Accident Injury Chiropractor

Accident Injury Chiropractor

Getting into an accident is often one of the hardest experiences someone can go through. While a victim may believe that they are fine, they cannot be sure without a proper medical examination. An accident injury chiropractor can ease the pains of your recovery. Also, with the right treatment, you can prevent future damage and catch problems early on. Injuries, particularly those of the spine, can be hard to discern without the right imaging technology and expertise.

Often, individuals may feel fine other than some slight tingling in the lower back or their extremities. However, this is a sign that the signals going through your spine may be experiencing disruptions. As time goes on without corrective treatment, the symptoms will not let up, and may even continue to worsen.

Visiting an experienced accident injury chiropractor can help you reduce the frequency and severity of your discomfort. In some cases, with treatment, the pain may even go away altogether. Conditions like muscle or tendon strains are often temporary and require proper healing and exercise to correct. Other injuries, such as spinal misalignments, can require corrective treatment. Depending on your situation, a couple of sessions can show improvements and quickly change your mental and physical wellbeing. If you were part of an accident that resulted in an injury, do not hesitate to contact an accident injury chiropractor.

How Effective is Treatment from An Accident Injury Chiropractor?

When medical professionals refer to modern or western medicine, they are merely referring to mainstream treatments. Modern medicine relates to the standard system of medical practice currently in use by hospitals and doctors. While chiropractic treatment, particularly non-traditional techniques, uses new information and technology, it does not rely on medication. If you are suffering from injuries, then researchers have good news for you. For decades, researchers have wondered if non-invasive chiropractic treatment can be an alternative to modern medicine and most agree that it has a significant positive effect.

With an accident injury chiropractor, patients can avoid dangerous surgeries and painkillers. With how expensive and detrimental certain painkillers can be, the idea of a more natural solution to specific injuries has always been of interest. If you do not want to rely on pills with harmful side effects, you can instead rely on a healthy alternative. Not only that, but chiropractic care can be even more effective than prescription medications in some instances. If medicine does not seem to work for you, then a natural treatment may be more efficient. While pain relief can be essential to healing, exercise and physical therapy are also crucial. An accident injury chiropractor can positively impact a patient’s rehabilitation. Using technology and physical therapy to improve health without invasive procedures makes it easier for patients to focus on their daily recovery.

Major Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

Even though chiropractic treatment is beneficial because of non-invasive and effective methods, it also holds significant additional benefits. Seminole residents who consistently visit an accident injury chiropractor can experience:

  • Less pain and aches throughout the body
  • Improved movement and range of motion
  • Reduced joint inflammation
  • Increased blood flow and nerve function

By ridding the body of spinal misalignments, you can experience a variety of benefits. If you were in an accident, then chances are you may be experiencing lower back pain or other physical discomforts. While the cause for this discomfort may sometimes merely be soft tissue damage, an accident injury chiropractor may discover a spinal misalignment that will not go away without treatment. In fact, misalignments tend to grow more and more out of place and affect other vertebrae if not taken care of.

Why You Need Immediate Care for Car Accident Injuries

Why You Need Immediate Care for Car Accident Injuries

Whether your bumpers just barely grazed or you were in a full-on collision with other vehicles piled up, car accident injuries are very serious health risks that must receive attention immediately. Even the smaller incidents can leave a driver with cuts, bruises, or whiplash. The problem is, many injuries do not appear right away and can surface as much as weeks later, and drivers in Seminole forgo medical care at the time of the crash because they believe everything is okay. Instead of risking your long-term health, if you are involved in an accident, seek medical care right away, even if it turns out that you are simply a little shaken up.

Florida Law Requires Medical Care to be Received Within 14 Days

Beginning on January 1st, 2014, the State of Florida enacted a law that affects drivers’ personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. Per the statute, those involved in a motor vehicle accident must receive medical attention for their car accident injuries within 14 days of the incident in order to receive PIP benefits. If you wait longer than those 14 days, you will forfeit those benefits.

Whiplash Can Cause Undetected Damage

You may have felt pain from having your head whipped in one direction too rapidly, but whiplash from an automobile incident is even more severe. While driving, your vehicle is moving forward swiftly, and when an outside force collides with it, the laws of physics mean your body continues to move forward while the car stays behind. This is why wearing a seatbelt is so important, because it stops your body from flying forward through the windshield. However, your head is not protected by the seatbelt, and it will continue to accelerate forward even when the rest of your body is being restrained. This movement, the rapid thrash forward and back, is the root of whiplash. While you may imagine most car accident injuries as something you can see, such as cuts or scrapes, whiplash is an invisible injury that can lead to a host of issues.

Seeing a Doctor As Soon As Possible

With whiplash, you do not want to delay medical care in Seminole. A walk-in clinic ensures that you will be seen that day, which can help diagnose and treat car accident injuries immediately instead of delaying and allowing them to worsen. A chiropractor, someone who specializes in healing the spine and nervous system, is the perfect choice after an automobile crash because they can analyze the damage, begin healing your spine and prevent the effects of whiplash from taking over.

Visit Coastal Chiropractic’s Walk-In Clinic for Car Accident Injuries

If you have suffered car accident injuries in Seminole, do not delay — come to Coastal Chiropractic’s walk-in clinic for immediate attention and relief. Pain from motor vehicle crashes can go undetected for weeks, only to surface later on with a vengeance. To prevent this, visit a chiropractor as soon as possible to receive care and treatment before things get worse. You only have 14 days after a documented automobile incident to receive professional medical care if you want to receive coverage for PIP benefits, so visit a clinic in Seminole that offers same-day service. To learn more about Coastal Chiropractic, call us today at 727-581-2774.

5 Reasons to Visit a Chiropractic Clinic

5 Reasons to Visit a Chiropractic Clinic

Many people seek out spinal adjustments after physical trauma, such as a sports injury or car accident. However, there are plenty of reasons to visit a chiropractic clinic even when you feel perfectly fine. Coastal Chiropractic Clinic helps people in Seminole maintain their overall fitness by providing regular adjustments to keep your body in check.

When you decide to visit a chiropractic clinic in Seminole, your entire neuromusculoskeletal system will receive much-needed attention. The neuromusculoskeletal system is made up of your skeleton, muscles, and nervous system. Your doctor zones in on your skeletal system and pays particular attention to your spinal cord because it directly affects the way your muscles behave. The spine also influences the complex nerve pathways that run up and down your body. Maintaining a healthy spine is the first step to overall health and periodic adjustments will allow you to:

Improve Range of Motion

Have you ever felt that your range of the movement is off? You should be able to move your arm a little further, but something seems to hinder your joint or muscle. This often happens when there is a misalignment or pinched nerve. Adjustments help to set your body in order and increase your range of motion for sports or daily life in Seminole.

Increase Flexibility

Athletes in Seminole often choose to visit a chiropractic clinic on a regular basis. Not only do the routine visits improve their range of motion, but they also achieve a greater sense of flexibility. The presence of pinched nerves or skeletal misalignments gets in the way of achieving the needed flexibility for athletic endeavors.

Improve Digestion

This one may surprise you, but your body is one whole organism. Because the spinal cord is responsible for conveying information to your brain from your major organs, your organs can suffer if issues with the nervous system arise. Your digestive system can be set off kilter because of poor posture, muscular tensions, or nerve problems.

Minimize Nagging Pains

Nagging pains all over your body can disappear after a proper adjustment. Many of those pinches and you feel from within are symptoms of poor skeletal alignment and, once you get your body straightened out, many symptoms disappear on their own.

Decrease Common Injuries

When your body is properly adjusted, your nerves are stronger, your flexibility increases, your range of motion is at its best, and you can bypass many common injuries that happen from stiff muscles and joint issues. Having a well-aligned body also improves circulation, and along with it, your immune system becomes stronger.

Call Coastal Chiropractic Clinic Today!

These are just five of the many reasons you should visit a chiropractic clinic in Seminole. Experience the benefits firsthand! Call Coastal Chiropractic Rehab and Wellness Center at 727.581.2774 to schedule your visit today. We accept all major insurance companies and offer payment plans for families or individuals who need them.

Commuting Tips from a Chiropractor

Commuting Tips from a Chiropractor

You might live in Seminole but commute to downtown St. Pete, Dunedin, or even Tampa for work. Time spent behind the wheel can take a toll on your postural alignment, and you might discover that you have persistent:

  • Migraines
  • Neck or back pain
  • Aching or sore muscles
  • Tingling of the arms or legs

Such symptoms are aggravating and intrusive, but our chiropractor has some tips for healthier commuting. By making minor changes, you can reclaim your spinal health!

Empty Your Back Pockets

It might seem insignificant if your trip to work is only a few minutes long. However, whatever rests in your back pockets can change your spinal alignment, so take everything out before you settle in for your drive. Wallets and cell phones are among the most common, and sitting on these items contributes to back pain and poor posture. At our clinic in Seminole, we can conduct a postural screening to identify specific complications regarding your standing and seated posture.

Create Lumbar Support

Few seats will support every person’s lower back. Varying heights and statures will alter the effectiveness of the vehicle’s seat formation, so it is up to the driver to create lumbar support. There are commercial pillows you can purchase, but you can use household items to complete the desired effect. Our chiropractor suggests using a small pillow or a rolled up towel. These are things you probably have on hand and can put to use on your next drive.

Stay in Motion

A professional chiropractor will stress the importance of movement, regardless of where you’re sitting. Whether you’re in the office, on an airplane, or driving on I-275, you need to alter your hand and leg positioning every now and then. The movement will increase your blood circulation while staving off fatigue, which is always helpful on a long drive.

Employ Diversions

If you have a history of back or neck issues, commuting can aggravate the problem. Employ diversions to occupy your mind and distract you from the discomfort. Whether you select an engaging podcast to listen to, pick out a book on tape from the Seminole Community Library, or sing along to the radio, there are multiple ways to keep your thoughts off the aches and strains.

See Our Chiropractor for Pain Relief

At Coastal Chiropractic, you can make positive changes for your health and happiness! Our chiropractor, Dr. Marc Rogers, offers walk-in clinic services, exercise rehabilitation, nutritional counseling, postural screenings, and lifestyle advice. Get in touch to schedule an appointment in Seminole by calling 727-581-2774!

Chiropractor Tips for Common Shoulder Pain

Chiropractor Tips for Common Shoulder Pain

Modern living often entails hours of driving and hunching over workstations, which can put unnecessary strain on your shoulders over time. As such, neck pain is the second most common condition that chiropractors treat. Millions of people experience neck pain and therefore seek care from a chiropractor at some stage in their lives. Here we identify three trouble areas and provide simple strategies to help lessen your discomfort.

Three Reasons Your Shoulders Are Perpetually Tense

The most common breathing you will see while strolling through Seminole is chest and shoulder breathing. Chiropractors recognize this is what comes natural, but unfortunately, this type of breathing relies heavily on the muscles of your neck and shoulders which can put an excessive amount of strain on them. A good strategy to combat this is what is called diaphragmatic breathing, or breathing from the abdomen. Simply put, it’s allowing your stomach to contract and expand with your breath as opposed to your chest. When sitting you should focus on breathing deeply from your abdomen using your diaphragm. Unfortunately, this type of breathing is rare in our stress-filled lives and takes a certain level of focus initially until it becomes closer to second nature. But done consistently over time this chiropractic tactic will begin to lessen the burden experienced by the muscles in your shoulders.

Shoulder hiking
How often do you find your shoulders up next to your ears? Shoulder hiking is a common response to fear or stress. Keeping your shoulders hiked for an extended period of time keeps these muscles active which can cause pain and tension over time. One of the muscles that hikes your shoulders is attached to the top four vertebrae in your neck, which is one of the reasons there is a link between shoulder tension and headaches. Shoulder hiking is a hard habit to break but it can be done. To break the habit chiropractors of Seminole suggest putting a post-it note at your desk with the word “shoulders” on it as a reminder to lower and relax your shoulders. Over time you will teach your shoulders to remain in a relaxed position.

There are many indicators of poor posture, but some of the more common are hunched shoulders, rounded upper back, forward head carriage, and arched lower back. Another indicator is back pain. Unsure if you have good posture? Call Dr. Marc Rogers of Coastal Chiropractic in Seminole to schedule an appointment for a spinal examination.

Appearance benefits associated with good posture are obvious, but there are many less-obvious health benefits you should be aware of.
Good posture can:

  • Conserve energy as muscles are used more efficiently
  • Maintain correct alignment of bones and joints
  • Prevent muscle strain, overuse and pain
  • Reduce stress on ligaments, minimizing risk of injury
  • Decrease abnormal joint wear

Research has shown that poor postures may increase feelings of depression, affect your digestive tract, and influence confidence and stress levels. So what does our chiropractor suggest in order to improve our posture? The first step is awareness! Bring your attention to your posture as you sit, stand, or lie down. If you’re sitting, keep both feet on the floor or on a footrest. Don’t cross your legs to use low-back support. While standing, keep your knees slightly bent, relax your arms, and pull your shoulders back. When lying down it’s critical to choose the right mattress and pillow. Also, avoid sleeping on your stomach otherwise more frequent visits to your local Seminole chiropractor may inevitably be in store.

The three reasons that we mentioned above also lead to dysfunctions in the joints of the neck and upper back that perpetuate tension and soreness. At Coastal Chiropractic of Seminole we incorporate a variety of techniques to restore this lost range of motion and eliminate shoulder and neck tension.

How is Shoulder Pain Treated by a Chiropractor?

A chiropractor could use a variety of modalities as part of a treatment plan, which might include things like heat or ice, ultrasound, cold laser, stretching and strengthening exercises. And your chiropractor will most likely give you very careful home instructions. Things like what position to sleep in at night, how to work at your computer so that you’re ergonomically correct, how to carry things so that you don’t put a strain on your shoulder. You may also use homeopathic creams that contain arnica, sometimes essential oils, or other topical creams that help decrease inflammation. Contact Dr. Marc Rogers, your local Seminole chiropractor for an adjustment today.