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Are HCG Injections Safe and Tested?

Are HCG Injections Safe and Tested?

Despite decades of testing, researchers have yet still to discover any particular danger with HCG injections. Human chorionic gonadotropin is the hormone that naturally occurs in large quantities in the bodies of pregnant women. Scientists believe it converts fat storage deposits into energy to keep the mother going and help the child grow. The first tests in the 1930s were done to monitor the health of the women. However, in the 1950s, it came to the attention of researchers like Dr. Albert Theodore William Simeons. His studies brought him towards its benefits and potential. Dr. Simeons was researching a working weight loss solution for obesity. His discoveries are still the subject of much debate and experimentation. However, the diet protocol, alongside HCG injections, has shown promise in targeting unsightly fat storage deposits.

HCG Injections with the Diet

Even with the rise of trends like the paleo diet, many people across the United States are overweight. Individuals who are overweight may have a difficult time dieting. Even if you do follow a diet, it does not mean you will shed pounds. The body can slow down its metabolism in times of stress. The body also releases tons of stress chemicals when it is lacking food. A very low-calorie diet does not work well without HCG injections. During use, the hormone balances out the body’s metabolism. Also, other diets may make it so you lose muscle mass instead of fat. A significant benefit of the shots is that it changes the way the body uses fat. Abnormal fat refers to fat deposits that are hard to remove. Abnormal storage areas typically center around the arms, stomach, and chin. The diet and shots routine provides additional benefits like:

  • Reduction in hunger pains
  • Clearer thinking during a very low-calorie diet (VLCD)
  • Faster weight loss
  • Is repeatable after a resting period

After Using HCG Injections

People often question how effective the protocol is in keeping pounds off. Since HCG injections affect the way the body metabolizes, most dieters do not regain weight. The part of your body that loses the pounds are not the typical reserves that quickly build up.

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Deer Antler Velvet for Veterans

Deer Antler Velvet for Veterans

Deer antler velvet has been lauded as the next miracle cure, with doses for sale on the internet going anywhere from twenty dollars to over a grand, which is a lot of money to burn if it turns out to be snake oil. But there must be something to it; the supplement is currently on the banned substances list for the NFL and most major sports leagues. The facts are simply this:

  • The velvet is harvested from the tips of deer antlers and turned into a supplement
  • The supplement contains the compounds Neurotrophin-3 and IGF-1
  • IGF (insulin-like growth factor) has been linked with muscle and bone development
  • Neurotrophin-3 has been linked with neurological regeneration and growth

Normally when the term Deer Antler Velvet is placed in a search engine what gets cranked out is information for athletes and bodybuilders (along with questionable citation-lacking opinions) but there never seems to be any information about the effects for people who genuinely need healing, such as disabled veterans coming back from service overseas.

Deer Antler Velvet on Neurology

Deer antler velvet contains a compound known as Neurotrophin-3, which according to a trial run by the University of Munich, was able to cause sprouts to grow in the spines of rats in the corticospinal tract. This is important because in the trial, the rats’ spines were previously covered in lesions, and after the trial the rats tested positive for an antibody linked with regeneration of neural fibers.

The department of Veterans Affairs claims there are as many as 332,000 Americans living with spinal cord injuries, with more than 22,000 being veterans and unfortunately the number of both increases each year. If there is any chance that Neurotrophin-3 can help people this needs more funding and research immediately.

Deer Antler Velvet On Skeletal Muscles

IGF-1, a key compound in Deer antler velvet, has been linked to increased strength and stamina, with mixed results; however for disabled veterans it is the muscle regeneration of skeletal muscles that may prove to be more helpful. There is also been correlating research between IGF-1 and bone density increase which would be beneficial to persons with osteoporosis or brittle bone disease (osteogenesis imperfecta).

According to Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, a trial was conducted involving hatched chickens two weeks of age, the muscle mass increase 10% to 24% and the contractile force was increased by 14% to 22%.

Finally, please know the material found on this website and blog are informational only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Deer Antler Velvet for Athletes

Deer Antler Velvet for Athletes

Deer antler velvet is now being used by athletes around the world to improve their exercise and recovery experience.  This unique substance is the tissue that covers growing antlers on all Cervidae, which include species such as deer, elk, and moose.  The velvet has been used for centuries in traditional far-eastern medicine. Today western health practitioners are including this as a whole food nutritional supplement to help their patients in a wide variety of ways. Athletes are also looking to this supplement to improve performance and recovery from exercise and injury. Cervidae velvet gained national attention with athletes after Ray Lewis’s (Baltimore Ravens) alleged use and then rapid recovery from an injury prior to his Super Bowl win.

Deer Antler Velvet and Its Effect on Athletic Performance

So does this stuff actually live up to the hype?  What effect does it have on the body?  Research suggests that it has a positive effect on athletic performance in the following ways:

  • increased blood flow
  • increased energy
  • increased endurance
  • improved flexibility
  • quicker muscle recovery
  • anti-aging effects
  • improvement in general health

How Does It Work?

Deer antler velvet’s main active component is a growth hormone called “insulin-like growth factor 1”, or IGF-1.  IGF-1 directly affects how the body heals and repairs itself.  Initially, the hormone assists in building up a matrix (crucial building block of protein) that’s needed for cell growth.  Then the substance increases the number of new cells that accumulate on the base which, in turn, get busy healing the injury.  Thus, you see overall improvement from the ground up due to the cells more efficient operation at its core levels of functioning.  Simply put, because the cell operates better, the body operates better.


In a random, placebo controlled test in 2004, researchers at the University of Alberta placed 18 males from the Edmonton Police Force into a 9 week strength training program. The researchers found that use of deer antler velvet significantly increased blood plasma testosterone levels. Overall, the results showed that regular use increased the strength and endurance of the subjects relative to the control group.

Bottom Line

In Russia and China, deer antler velvet is widely used by athletes to enhance overall performance. Here in the west, more and more athletes are looking to this supplement as a promoter of recovery and possibly as an injury preventative. IGF-1 (the main active compound found in antler velvet) could also improve athletic performance by assisting strength and endurance, by supporting the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, by facilitating minor tissue damage repair, and by boosting the immune system.

Deer Antler Velvet | Natural Sleep Aids

Deer Antler Velvet | Natural Sleep Aids

“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” Deer antler velvet may be the best of all natural sleep aids.

Sleep Better With Deer Antler Velvet

Who does not like sleep? It is one of the greatest feelings we could ever experience and it plays such a vital role in our daily health. A great stress reliever and mood changer, quality rest protects our mental, emotional and physical being. It is just as important as eating healthy or exercising, as it rejuvenates and keeps the bodies entire system strong. Though, it is not uncommon that some people have a hard time sleeping, developing conditions such as insomnia. With this being the outcome for some, how can they overcome this condition and enjoy a good night’s rest? This sends many people looking for the best natural sleep aids.

Deer Antler Velvet, a substance known for its healing properties and influence on building up the human body in numerous areas has a cure for sleepless nights. Studies reveal those who have taken the velvet rest easier and for longer periods of time, feeling more refreshed in the morning. Natural vitamins within the velvet helps adjust rest patterns, mood and have many characteristics in which it strengthens the body in many ways. Due to this, certain supplements such as Sleep Support have combined with the extract of deer antler velvet to aid specifically in sleep.

With supplements using deer antler velvet to aid in sleeping this makes it clear that its natural properties are a very effective natural sleep aid. Sleepless nights plagued by insomnia can all be solved with Cervidae antler velvet. I myself have no problem with getting a good night’s rest, but would definitely subscribe and encourage all my friends with sleeping problems this product. Nothing would bring the body more joy and happiness at night than to lay back relax and enjoy a well-deserved eight plus hours of good rest.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris

A plant used around the world shown to improve sexual function in humans. Tribulus terrestris can be used alone or combined with other supplements such as deer antler velvet for a synergistic result.

I am a big subscriber to using whatever you can find to strengthen the body: Dieting, detoxing, eating healthy, daily pushups or sit-ups, laps in the pool, sprinting up hills, etc. Why? Because I believe that if you build up a particular area in the body then another area within the body will be positively affected as well. Lately, I have researched on what to take to build on my testosterone. Because I am a middle aged gentleman, it is normal for a man’s testosterone levels to decrease slightly every year. Testosterone levels affect everything in men from the reproductive system and sexuality to muscle mass and bone density. What if there was something out there that enhanced on my body’s testosterone to build muscle while positively affecting other areas such as sex drive?

How can Tribulus Terrestris Help?

Well, from studying the testosterone in the human body we have figured a way to enhance this hormone. Tribulus Terrestris also known as the Puncture vine is a plant used today for a number of health purposes. When broken down and used as an herbal nutritional supplement, studies show this plant as a testosterone booster that helps increase muscle mass or strength. Along with increased vigor, studies show this plant benefits to people with sexual problems. Specifically males, tribulus works very well in curing sexual dysfunctions and maximizing sexual performance. It contains various natural biomolecules that are used to stimulate enzymes that make testosterone production which promotes a healthier sex drive.

Shown to be effective in improving testosterone properties, research reveals tribulus terrestris is catered towards cardiovascular and urogenital health and is a strong supplement for its libido and testosterone boosting properties.

Upon much research on this plant and its properties I decided to contact my local drug store and purchase a supply of this tribulus terrestris. At my age, taking care of your body is important. A stronger body means a longer life; treat your body well and they’ll treat you well in return.