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How Can I Benefit from Chiropractic Adjustments?

How Can I Benefit from Chiropractic Adjustments?

Are you living in pain? We encourage you to think about seeing a chiropractor. Not everyone is familiar with this medical practice, but there is much to be gained from chiropractic adjustments and treatments.

Pain Relief

Aches and strains are unpleasant, not to mention debilitating to the day. Whether you have a pinched nerve, a bulging disc, or a sore back, you will tire of these conditions quickly. The trouble is, they won’t go away unless you treat them. The chiropractor uses manual applications, as well as additional tools to assess and correct any misalignments.

Clear Diagnosis

When you work with a chiropractor, you get relief and an explanation about your condition. Sometimes the tightness in your hip is a result of misalignment in your spine. Unless you consult a spinal professional, you’ll just be guessing at what’s wrong.

Unique Treatment Plan

By seeking alignment, you will correct a lot of your health wrongs. The chiropractor will create a treatment plan that is unique to your condition. It will include chiropractic adjustments and possibly other complementary services, like:

  • Cold laser therapy
  • Muscular adhesion relief
  • Infrared analysis
  • Massage therapy
  • Live motion radiographs

These and more can be used to comprise your recovery plan. We individualize treatment because each patient’s situation and health are different.

Suggestions for Improving Health

Chiropractic adjustments are a wonderful way to relieve your pain, whether your neck is stiff or you have a slipped disc. Once discomfort isn’t the primary issue, the chiropractor can provide advice and suggest lifestyle changes that can improve health.

Why You Should Choose a Chiropractor for Athletes

Why You Should Choose a Chiropractor for Athletes

Anybody that plays sports knows the feeling of waking up the next day aching from head to toe. Whether you toss the pigskin or pump iron, too many tackles, too much sprinting, or too many serves can very quickly take a toll on the body. Especially as the years begin to catch up to the body, it can almost be enough to make a person want to stop playing altogether. But quitting is not an option for people that truly love the game. Using traditional and non-traditional chiropractic techniques, including top-of-the-line technology, a chiropractor for athletes can pinpoint the underlying cause of your pain, not just relieve the pain, and help get you back onto the field faster.

Chiropractic Services Vs. Traditional Sports Medicine

In the past, pain and injury from sports have been treated with expensive drugs. These drugs, however, can leave the body feeling tired and weak, or with months of physical therapy. These kinds of treatments may help relieve the pain temporarily, but they rarely address the underlying problems that cause the chronic or recurring sports-related pain. However, potentially worse than that is the possibility of having to have surgery. A chiropractor for athletes uses a different style of treatment that focuses on determining the root cause of the pain, instead of simply masking the pain. Through an advanced approach, chiropractic treatment can correct NeuroStructural shifts that cause the body pain while exercising or playing sports, and relieve the pain, as well as the underlying causes.


What is a NeuroStructural Shift?

The skeleton is the framework that provides structure for your muscles. The spine is the most important part of your skeleton. You take care of your muscles every time you work out or play sports. Question is, do you take care of your spine? A chiropractor for athletes can help. NeuroStructural shifts occur when the spine moves, due to time or trauma. The shift prevents the spine from operating at its full potential. When the bones in the spine are misaligned, even a small amount, pain or weakness can occur throughout the body. This pain can severely affect the way you play.

Many athletes that experience pain from playing sports are tempted to look for traditional methods of dealing with their pain. These methods usually involve costly medical bills and prescription drugs. However, a chiropractor for athletes can use non-traditional chiropractic techniques that are often able to fix problems related to NeuroStructural shifts without medication or surgery.

How Can a Chiropractor for Athletes Relieve Sports-Related Pain?

Using high-tech instruments and the latest chiropractic techniques, a chiropractor for athletes can help patients get back to their peak performance. Some chiropractic techniques include live motion radiography, similar to an X-ray, which allows the doctor to pinpoint exactly where your pain is coming from, cold laser technology, which can reduce pain and inflammation, and massage therapy, which helps alleviate pain. The chiropractic adjustment technique is designed to help eliminate your pain using light pressure and applied to specific areas of your body and spine.

5 Things to Look For In a Chiropractic Clinic

5 Things to Look For In a Chiropractic Clinic

If you are searching for a nearby chiropractic clinic in the 33762 zip code in northern St. Petersburg, it’s vital that residents know what to look for. Not everyone in Pinellas County understands how to locate the best chiropractor to assist them, so we’ve compiled some advice to improve your search results!

1. Open and Clear Communication

It is possible to locate the most renowned spinal professional in the Bay area, but if communicating with them is difficult, your experience will not be a successful one. Your practitioner should be easy to talk to so that you feel at ease asking questions and responding to theirs. Without openness, you may withhold health history details from them, and if they are not checking in with you, they could exacerbate an existing injury. An initial consultation is a prime opportunity to assess your comfort level with the doctor and their facility.

2. Non-Traditional Services

If you wish to locate non-traditional services in St. Petersburg in the 33762 zip code, you will need to do research to confirm what is available at the chiropractic clinic. Most chiropractors offer manual adjustments, but not everyone provides specialized techniques like:

  • Precision spinal adjuster
  • NeuroStructural shifts
  • Muscular adhesion relief
  • Live motion radiographs
  • Infrared analysis

When you seek out a provider who offers non-traditional services, you can see quicker healing.

3. Physical Therapy Programs

Along with non-traditional services, like NeuroStructural Shifts and muscular adhesion relief, make sure the facility offers physical therapy programs. This can be applied to old injuries that nag you on occasion or for newfound chronic pains. Whether you have been in an auto accident in St. Petersburg or have a sports injury, corrective exercises can assist you in recovering.

4. Offers Complementary Services

Keep an eye out for chiropractic clinic services that complement your spinal adjustments, like cold laser or massage therapy. These methods target particular aches and strains and assist with releasing pent up toxins in the body. When a chiropractor offers additional treatments on site, you only have to make one trip in Pinellas County!

5. A Chiropractic Clinic Where You Get Results

When looking for a chiropractic clinic in the 33762 zip code of the Bay area, you want to select a practitioner who gets you results. By that, we mean targeted, individualized treatment plans and successful recovery! The team at Get Results Chiropractic wants St. Petersburg residents to experience optimal wellness, and assistance from a chiropractor can help you achieve this. Call 727-279-7100 to learn more about our non-traditional techniques and physical therapy program.