HCG Injections Diet: How to Avoid Temptations and Cheating

HCG Injections Diet: How to Avoid Temptations and Cheating

Any diet can be a challenge for those who have a weakness for sweets or salty foods. Regardless of your temptation, falling off the wagon is a setback that many people face. While taking HCG injections, it is critical that you consume a low-calorie diet of 500 calories a day. If you eat more, the shots may not work as well. The diet requires a certain amount of protein, too, for health reasons, so making sure that you follow the diet protocol closely is essential.

What is the HCG Diet Protocol?

While taking HCG injections, the foods you can eat are limited. For breakfast, you can have black coffee or tea with one tablespoon of skim milk. You can also add stevia or another calorie-free sweetener. You can have two fruits a day between meals, which can be an apple, grapefruit, or an orange, for example. For lunch and dinner, each meal will consist of 100 grams (3.5 ounces raw) of lean protein such as chicken, fish, shrimp, or veal. Avoid eating the same protein for both meals. Both lunch and dinner will also include a vegetable and a beverage (coffee, tea, or water). If you’d prefer, you can have your breakfast fruit for dinner instead. Note, however, that you should not eat two fruits or vegetables together.

You can also add in up to two total melba toast or grissini breadsticks per day at breakfast or in between meals. The vegetables you can choose from include spinach, tomato, celery, onions, asparagus, cucumbers, and salad greens, amongst others.

Avoiding Temptation

Thankfully, one of the benefits of taking HCG injections is that the hormone in the shots helps curb cravings, hunger, and other negative diet side effects. This helps dieters avoid cheating while on their diet. If you still find yourself facing major cravings, you may need to adjust your dosage. However, some individuals will still face cravings even while on the right dose. In this case, you can address your cravings with substitutes. If you want something sweet, try adding stevia to your coffee or tea for a sweeter drink. If you want something salty, add seasonings to your foods like cayenne, ginger, dill, ground pepper, garlic, or non-iodized salts.

Getting the Right HCG Injections

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